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God Knew It was “Not Good,” So He Did Somethin’ ’bout It.

I’ve had two pieces run at the National Catholic Register in the last couple of months because I’m Catholic, I’m single, and a I’m a guy, and apparently a decent enough writer to opine on living under such a combination of circumstances. Back at the end of January my first piece looked at the first [...]

In Defense of Priestly Celibacy

Over at First Things I have an article in defense of priestly celibacy.  Not surprisingly, many commentators on the left took the occasion of Benedict’s resignation to claim that celibacy is contrary to nature, a cause of priestly misconduct, and should be scrapped.  More surprisingly, this argument was also pressed from the American right, notably [...]

A liberal family goes retro with traditional husband and wife roles

New York Magazine ran a feature this past weekend of a liberal family that has embraced traditional roles as a sort of counter-counter-cultural reversal of the feminist program. It is perhaps ironic then that today is the Solemnity of St. Joseph, the humble carpenter, foster father of our Lord, and chaste guardian of the Blessed [...]

Is Celibacy a Sin?

Is celibacy a sin?  This question is posed by Walter Russell Mead at his blog.  Mead does not mean seriously to suggest that celibacy is a sin.  Rather, he poses the question as a way of exploring the mentality of the kind of modern, secular liberal who seems to think that celibacy is a sin, [...]



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