CATHOLICS: Don’t Let Upcoming Abuse Investigations be RIGGED


Stephen talks with veteran Catholic journalist George Neumayr about how the clerical abuse crisis is ALREADY being constricted to the narratives that enabled it in the first place.


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  1. IMO, this will require increased laicization of the Church in America.

    They’ve had a shot at correcting this once already.

    No more chances.

    The laity should assert control over their parishes and dictate a limited role for clergy, perhaps only to administer the Sacraments. Certainly no more access to children.

    If they cannot police themselves, no more money for them until this happens. They can be clerics subject to the laity since they don’t want to do what is necessary and keep their ranks accountable. At least laymen are subject to civil and criminal penalty without the whole “shuttle” network being used.

    If some Bishops lose their seats, tough. They can be regular priests again.

    If the press treats the Church harshly for this, too bad. The Church brought this upon herself.

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