Calls on Governor Rauner to Resign


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2017
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Email: Calls on Governor Rauner to Resign

CHICAGO— President Brian Burch called on Gov. Bruce Rauner to resign for signing H.B. 40 and breaking his promise to voters:

“Gov. Bruce Rauner made a promise to the voters of Illinois that he would focus on the fiscal mess in Illinois and remain neutral on social issues. Many Republican and conservative voters took him at his word and helped him win election in 2014. Given his decision today to authorize taxpayer funding for abortion for any reason, he can no longer be trusted and should step down as Governor.

“Decades of fiscal mismanagement by Democrats in Illinois have prompted hundreds of thousands of citizens and businesses to flee the state at a record pace. Crime is rampant, race tensions are escalating, and yet the governor chose to divide Republicans and reward the very people that will inevitably unite to defeat him next year.  His decision today is a deal breaker for the very people the Governor will need to win re-election.

“The Governor gave his word to legislators earlier this year and vowed to veto this legislation.  Further, he promised the Cardinal Archbishop that he would not sign the bill. And just this week the entire Republican congressional delegation in Congress wrote to urge him to veto the bill.  He chose instead to betray his political allies and friends. There is no sugarcoating the fact that he has lost the trust and confidence of the Republican Party in Illinois.

“Poll after poll confirmed that voters in both political parties oppose taxpayer funding for abortion.  Even a significant percentage of voters who call themselves “pro-choice” oppose the divisive and extreme public policy. A poll commissioned earlier this year by and pro-life groups in the state confirmed that 58% of voters oppose taxpayer funding of abortion vs. 32% in favor. The same poll also confirmed that 30% of voters are less likely to support Rauner for re-election if he were to sign the bill.

“This law will make Illinois taxpayers complicit a medical procedure that results in the destruction of innocent human life.  Experts predict the law will also cost the state as much as $20-$30 million, while social service programs in the state are starving for funds.

“Republicans deserve an honest leader willing to stand with them. Catholics across the state in both political parties want and voted for reform. Governor Rauner just proved he is not up to the task.”



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  1. Illinois and its politicians are such a mess that this does not surprise me. However, any political party needs to rely on the word of their elected officials or integrity and trust completely disappear. Simply to help keep the system clean and workable, this man needs to go. It has been said and rightly so, that an honest scoundrel is to be preferred to a duplicitous liar.

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