Demands Clinton’s Anti-Catholic Spokeswoman Resign


October 12, 2016, 517-212-0419 Demands Clinton’s Anti-Catholic Spokeswoman Resign

Does Hillary Clinton Respect the Faith of Catholic and Evangelical Americans?

MADISON, WI — The latest Wikileaks emails to go public reveal a series of communications involving Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta and the campaign’s Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri in which Catholics are described as “severely backwards” and guilty of the “bastardization” of faith in general. The email author goes so far as to accuse Catholics of being “totally unaware of Christian democracy.”

These disparaging remarks were made by John Halpin, an employee at the Center for American Progress — which was run by John Podesta until he went to work for the Clinton campaign.  

Clinton spokeswoman Palmieri did not pushback at Halpin’s attacks on Catholics. In fact, Palmieri suggested that these conversions to Catholicism were not authentic, but motivated by social pressure because “their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.”

Halpin said this was an “excellent point” and that these Catholics like to “sound sophisticated” but “no one knows what the hell they are talking about.”

Brian Burch, President of, said that these newly uncovered discussions show a continued pattern from the Clinton campaign of disparaging political opponents.

“Hillary Clinton has already called half of her opponents’ supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ and ‘irredeemable’ and now it comes out that her campaign spokeswoman dismissively question the sincerity of Catholic Americans’ faith. And there’s no evidence that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta ever pushed back at these smears against Catholicism,” said Burch.

“Everyone has a unique faith journey, and it’s just insulting to make blanket statements maligning people’s motives for converting to another faith tradition. Had Palmieri spoken this way about other groups she would dismissed. Palmieri must resign immediately or be fired,” Burch added.


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Joshua Mercer is a co-founder of, where he serves as Political Director. Mercer previously served as Washington Correspondent for the National Catholic Register and Chairman for Students for Life of America. He lives in Michigan with his wife and six children.


  1. Patricia Hershwitzky on

    Halpin said this was an “excellent point” and that these Catholics like to “sound sophisticated” but “no one knows what the hell they are talking about.”

    Actually, the Truth is quite simple. However, one does need “ears to hear” and “eyes to see.”

  2. According to recent polls, the majority of self-styled Catholics (although not as great a majority as African-Americans) support Clinton. Apparently, none of these supporters are aware of the disdain in which they are held by the Clinton campaign. On the other hand, perhaps they are aware an just don’t care.

    • Catholics now need to wake up and no longer support the bigotry of Clinton against people of christian faith and vote Trump.
      We need to protect our freedom of religion because in the end that is what they want to take away from faithful Catholics because it challenges their political agenda. We also must demand with a strong voice those in the Clinton campaign who said such things resign and Clinton apologize now…..

  3. Podesta needs to be questioned as to why he allowed this bigotry to be expressed so openly and freely in an email chain that he was a part of. The participants must have felt highly comfortable in expressing these views in front of Podesta. Why? Does Podesta agree? Did he take action against this bigotry? if not, why not? These questions need to be asked by the media now!

  4. I haven’t put ANY political signs on my lawn, and I’ve wavered back and forth over voting for Trump or voting for a Third Party candidate. However, the debates and the Wikileaks and Hillary’s low brow attacks that really attack our children have put me solidly in the Trump camp. I noticed a neighbor who had a Trump sign and a sign for each of our local candidates on his lawn has taken down the Trump sign. I’m going over to his house to see if he’d be willing to give the sign to me, so I can put it up on my lawn. I’m Catholic, and I vote.

    • Isn’t Paul Ryan Catholic? Where is his call to action. I know Trump is a horrible “looking” candidate, but God often uses the foolish to confound the “wise” And let me state that the wise sages of Clinton are hoping for a Catholic Spring…We saw how well that “Spring” thing worked out for Syria and Libya. Huh? Where are the leaders?

      • I like your comment, Becca. Tim Kaine is also Catholic and he has sold out the Catholic faith by supporting legislation for abortion. If people knew much about Winston Churchill and how bombastic he was, maybe they would not be so afraid to elect Mr. Trump. Winston became the right leader at a crucial time in history! I wanted Ben Carson to win and when he dropped out and endorsed Trump, I thought Dr. Carson is not stupid and would not support Trump if he did not see qualities that could help our nation. I like too that Trump is not caught up in the ‘I owe you’ politics.

  5. Arlene Wellbank on

    We need to hear more of this from the pulpit. All they have to do is distribute a handout with this info on it. They don’t need to preach about it–just let the people see what Hillary has to say.

  6. Bernard Grabowski on

    The people mentioned in these emails, Halpin, Podesta and Palmieri all will hold high positions in a Clinton Administration should she win. Do you honestly believe these people support religious freedom? Remember, these are comments these people thought would remain unseen by the public and as such demonstrate their true beliefs. Our Religious freedom will remain under attack unless we take action to defend it. The Presidential race is close and could be swayed. The Catholic Church could determine who the next President will be. The real question is will it? Will the Bishop’s in this country stand up for Religious freedom? Will they write a letter to their flock telling them Hillary Clinton is a clear and present danger to Religious freedom or will they stand by silently and watch our Religious freedom disappear. As the old saying goes Bishop’s ‘ The ball is in your court.”

    • Mr. Grabowski, you are absolutely correct. I have written to the USCCB several times pleading with them to lead the flock and not give in to what seems expedient or popular. With a Clinton presidency we can expect much more of the Little Sisters of the Poor debacle where secular progressives (and Obama . . . or is that redundant?) tried to get the Church to change its moral teaching. This will expand under Clinton and we can reasonable expect to see all religious actions curtailed. Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.

  7. This reply by CV is very weak and odd. CV called for donald trump to step down because of some lewd comments, and here the anti-catholicism of the clinton camp and democrats is confirmed- for this is no surprise of course- and the best CV can do is ask that the person resign? How about asking Hillary for a repudiation of such a stance or warnings Catholics this is what we would be betting if we vote for Hillary? Very odd and revealing.

  8. Catholics would be more aware if Brian Burch would not have steered the Catholic Vote to Hillary Clinton. Now they are back peddling? We’ve known this all along. Did we think the Sisters of the Poor sued the administration for fun? For authentic voting details, please go to Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life and/or Fr. John Lankeit of Arizona. There you will get clear teachings on faith, loyalty and obedience.

  9. One journalist said a few months ago, not a Clinton supporter, that it is amazing how Clinton and her campaign accuse ‘others’ of doing and being exactly what they the Clinton’s do and say themselves. They are clearly bigots. There are some 70 million Catholics in the USA , and this is what Clinton approves of? Then there’s the deplorables, another 15 million; then the young people in their parents’ basement. If this is not ignorance and bigotry! She is definitely not morally fit to run the White House. It is amazing that a single Catholic vote for this evil callous person. Catholics alone could keep her out of the White House. Let’ s do just that!.. would be interesting to hear what they have to say about the good evangelical people. Catholicvote must bump up all support for Trump, and by-pass the silly but nasty tape.. it’s minor. Why give into another dirty trick from Hillary? Whether Mr.Burch likes it or not, the comment is extremely common from both men and women.. not nice, but easily forgiveable. ANd it was only words. As Nigel Farage stated: “Alpha male boasting”… most! men do that! Let’s pump up all our forces for Trump, for our Church, for our Holy Catholic Faith, for religious freedom, for the unborn, please!!! Bad idea, Brian, to steer the vote to Clinton and give Hillary her way over that silly tape!.. please back track on that!

  10. I am abhorred at the fact that that woman attacked my Catholic faith and I take it very personally. She is an EVIL human being and has no business shooting her mouth off on a very great religion that has been in existence for over 3,300 years.
    I was born and raised a Roman Catholic educated by the Sisters of Charty in grammar school and attended very learned Jesuit HS and a Small Jesuit University- ROCKHURST UNIVERSITY.
    This type comment has pretty much indicated that we have the making of a REligious War in this country
    which has been predicted in the Holy Bible for centuries.

  11. Catholics cannot trust a Clinton coalition to actually allow us religious freedom because they have shown so much support for organizations,
    countries, regimes that hold our faith in contempt. I also call on the Bishops in America to stand up for our religion and against the promises of a candidate that has shown their whole inner circle despise our faith. Our Church must stand up and be heard.

  12. A liberal vote will continue their agenda, which will eventually lead to prohibiting the Catholic church from existing, based on discrimination against women and homosexuals and not paying for contraception, which they see as basic health care. It’s easy to see that this is their goal. Once they have a liberal based judicial system, the church is history. There is no point in trying to convert them. They just don’t understand and never will. Jesus predicted this. Catholics need to stick together no matter what happens.

  13. Washington reminds me of Rome – Romans 1, Persecution of Catholics read – John 15, God will not be mocked Galatians 6:6-10

  14. I say that Catholics, via the Church, must announce what was in the email to every congregation. Catholics in the US are polled to support Democrats over 55%. We have a right to know what these people think about us.

    For a moment, let us stop acting like sheep when it comes to these secular herders. “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

    I am offended by these people, but perhaps we should be more offended that we do nothing about it.

  15. Hi how can we get this out to the average Catholic who does not attend Church
    regularly and explain how religion almost all religions will not be respected.

    This is so important for our freedoms

    God Bless


  16. If CV is going to be effective you must posses the will to take a stand. Are you with Trump or not? These latest memos from HRC staff make it clear they are not just anti-Catholic, they are actively seeking to instigate a “revolution” within the faith.

    The truth about Trump has been out there for all to see for years. He is a vulgar ego-maniac that will take a wrecking ball to the ruling class of our country. If HRC is able to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, people like John Podesta will fill those seats. As a practical matter they will ban the ability to freely practice your faith.

    You can count on my financial support and advocacy for CV but you have to be ready to lead the charge. Trump is just a start of what will be a decades long struggle against godless fanatics.

  17. I really don’t care what they said about Catholics. Let them get money out of politics and restore justice and fairness to the nation. Let them support the poor and restore the middle class. Let them keep us out of war. Do that, and I’ll be happy.

  18. I know this to be the Gospel truth, that Hillary Clinton is the most evil corrupt politician to ever get this close to the Presedancy. I pray to Almighty God that he has not forsaken us to her evil. God help us!

  19. We should really make up our minds. There is no way the Clinton campaign will change their views of Catholics win or lose. This is part of their code and plan to see the people in faith to be destroyed and removed of religious beliefs and rights.

    This is not just about the country, this is about our faith’s existence.

  20. Hillary’s idol from college. Chicago university professor was. LUCIFER
    So what more do need.
    Remember. Hotel White House when president. Clinton was selling over nights at the. White House
    For 5,000. Dollars a night
    I wonder what the rate will be in march 17

  21. A Clinton Presidency, administration and the ideologically aligned public advocacy groups, with protection from Clinton Supreme and Federal Courts, will label 1) Christians who believe in the “one flesh union” (Genesis 2:24) as “extremists” and 2) member institutions as “Hate Groups.” Expect an uncompromising effort leading to an unprecedented attack on religious freedom in the form of persecutions and penalties.

    This blog reveals the evidence.
    Review and connect the dots.

  22. Our catholic folks in mass have fallen away from their faith, not even attending mass regularly or participating in the sacraments of the church. No wonder they are tossing with the waves of liberal change. Moreover, the people in highest positions of the government espouse anti-catholic stances citing polls, private belief etc. At the end, each person will be judged on whether they gave vote for life or for abortion.

  23. It is truly sickening, how we as a community are being treated. I would hope Rome would come out against Hillary and team.

  24. Deborah Mouser on

    I joined thinking we would be uniting to FIGHT Hillary…NOT vote for her. As a Catholic Christian, I will NOT vote for someone who supports abortions, and wants to “regulate” our religious freedoms. Please pay attention at the 33 second point: she says all I need to know! The released emails just proved all the people she surrounds herself with feel the same way. You may just want to take me off your email list.

  25. SO, in Catholic Vote’s view, Clinton bears no responsibility and in no way shares the views of her closest advisers? Not believable. They all share the same outlook. If this had been Trump, why do I suspect Catholic Vote would have made another demand he withdraw?

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