Cecile Richards Spills Beans: Don’t be ‘Naive,’ She Loves Abortion


President Trump will be partially defunding abortion giant Planned Parenthood! Stephen talks it over with CatholicVote Political Director Josh Mercer, who also shares a funny insight from Cecile Richards herself about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner!


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  1. Ms. Richards has left her post at PP. She’s now trying to sell a book.

    I don’t think it’s terribly revelatory RE: the “deal” thing with her and the attempted negotiations with them dropping abortion for their suite of offerings.

    Their regard for abortion is in evidence every time legislation is proposed or passed that applies the merest restriction upon it. They become apoplectic at the prospect of any additional limits being placed upon their cash cow.

  2. stopthelies on

    First, if you know the real statistics then you should know that abortion is not planned parenthood’s cash cow. Second, no one “loves” abortion, that’s absolute nonsense. Third, studies show that when you remove planned parenthood and the availability of affordable access to contraceptives, abortion rates in that community rise. Hence, keeping Planned Parenthood results in fewer abortions.

    If you don’t want abortion to be legal anymore, then take it to the supreme court. It’s stacked in your favor now. As long as it’s still a woman’s right to choose, then stop undermining an organization that provides safe abortions in the earliest possible stages of pregnancy. When access to abortion providers is reduced, you end up having many more later term abortions due to women having to struggle to save the money, and travel long distances delaying their procedure.

    • Their non-abortive operations receive subsidy from the government. They charge for abortion services. That equals revenue, since their other operating costs are largely subsidized. That’s how that works.

      “Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, Planned Parenthood has proudly provided abortion care and fought every effort to roll back our rights. We are part of the fabric of American life in all 50 states,”

      “Jemima’s story (Kirke, who shared an “abortion story”) was also a reminder that the ability to decide when or whether to have children is key to women’s opportunity to be financially secure and pursue their dreams,”

      Reads to me like Richards thinks abortion is a good thing. Maybe I’m misunderstanding her, and she’s actually lamenting being part of the “fabric of American life” and/or not down with women’s “opportunity…..”.

      Your logic here is a tad mystifying. If I remove Nabisco, the largest provider of chocolate sandwich cookies in the U.S., from the market, I have fewer chocolate sandwich cookies in the market and consumption rates of those goes down, not up.

  3. Here’s a win – win situation. If you want an abortion it will cost you 20% of your Social Security or Welfare Check. Why, because for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Actions have consequences. You are removing or taking out a future producer, consumer and taxpayer Not just a lump of cells.

    Gotta keep it on the strictly natural level.

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