Charlie Daniels: Catholic Nuns “The Only People With the Guts to Face Down Obama”


Music legend Charlie Daniels weighed in yesterday on the fight between the Obama Administration and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Daniels tweeted:

Best-known for his 1979 hit song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, I can’t help but wonder if it’s time Daniel’s released a followup, perhaps entitled, The Devil Calls Washington Home. Daniels himself is no stranger to recent political controversy. He tweeted in defense of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after the latter’s controversial comments about homosexuality in an interview with GQ. He later battled it out on the social media platform with CNN host Piers Morgan on the same topic.

The fight between the White House and the Little Sisters of the Poor isn’t creating favorable PR for the scandal-worn administration. It raised eyebrows in many conservative circles when one of Obama’s own Supreme Court nominees, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, issued a stay temporarily preventing the administration from enforcing the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act on the Little Sisters. Yesterday, the New York Post published an editorial defending the order of nuns who help the elderly poor against a “defiant” President Obama:

Though he’s had plenty of opportunities to compromise on his overreaching contraceptive mandate, President Obama has defiantly refused them all. Now he’s fighting a group of nuns in US Supreme Court.

The nuns are the Little Sisters of the Poor, and they run nursing homes for the elderly. The Little Sisters argue they should not be forced to offer coverage that violates their religious convictions.

The Obama argument is astounding. The gist is that the nuns really aren’t religious enough to qualify for the church exemption. The administration backs up that position with hefty fines for the Little Sisters if they don’t cave. For example, just for their home in Denver, where there are 67 employees, it could run to $6,700 a day. That’s money the Little Sisters simply don’t have.


Justice Sotomayor has many options before her. Here’s hoping she comes down on the side of the angels.

If there’s ever been a more tone deaf administration in American History, I’m not aware of it. 


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8 thoughts on “Charlie Daniels: Catholic Nuns “The Only People With the Guts to Face Down Obama”

  1. Antonio A. Badilla says:

    I don’t think liberals in this country were counting on their favorite President beating on the little old nuns. This must be a public relations nightmare!

  2. It is time for all people who believe in Jesus Christ to stand in unity and make their voices heard. Don’t people believe anymore in the saying, “What’s right is right”? People need to get on their knees and to also add fasting to their spiritual life. This is a time of God’s Divine Mercy. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and pretend that life is good. Our freedom is being taken away and our country is changing not for the better.

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