Christian Athlete? Shut up. Gay athlete? You’re a hero.


We all remember the vitriol and contempt that Tim Tebow was subjected to when he chose to ignore the demands of the secular culture and refused to keep his Christian faith discreetly hidden away from public view.

What a monster.

Quite different has been the reaction to Jason Collins, who recently made a splash as the first active player within the “big four” professional sports to come out as gay.  The same media types who succeeded in stigmatizing Tim Tebow to the point that his career may well be over were practically tripping over themselves to declare Jason Collins a hero.

It’s just another bellwether of the decline of Western civilization, and I won’t belabor the point.  In fact, what prompted me to even think of the comparison was this cartoon by Scott Stantis of the Chicago Tribune, which pretty much sums it up:



You can see more of Scott Stantis’ work here.


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