CV LOOP: Trump backs House health care bill



HEALTH CARE // House GOP proposal to replace Obamacare sparked broad backlash from conservatives and moderates alike. President Trump announced his support for the House plan.

HEALTH CARE // HHS Secretary Tom Price says the House Obamacare replacement bill a ‘work in progress.’ Price said: “We’ll work through it. This is an important process to be had.”

POLITICS // Tim Kaine’s son arrested after rioting at pro-Trump rally in Minnesota.

WOMEN // “The way to help women continue to move forward isn’t to propagate the myth that women in the United States are victims, oppressed by the system and unable to help themselves secure a better future,” writes Katrina Trinko about the “Day Without Women.”

WEDNESDAY WORD // RINO – Republican In Name Only is a disparaging term that refers to Republicans whose views don’t conform to the party’s principles.

CATHOLIC // New Mexico Catholic Archbishop John C. Wester swiftly criticized a state lawmaker this week after she claimed her Catholic faith was the reason she opposed a late-term ban on abortions.

PUBLIC LAND // Congress buries Obama’s public lands rule. Conservatives have opposed the Bureau of Land Management’s regulation, which they say gives the federal government too much influence over public land decisions and marginalizes state and local input.

DEMOGRAPHICS // The US fertility rate fell again last year, marking the lowest rate of reproduction since the CDC started keeping records in 1909.

CATHOLIC // This priest says Adoration has made Juarez, Mexico, a safer city.

SAINT // Saint John of God –

DAILY MASS // “A heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn.” (Ps 51:19) –

INSPIRATION //  He used to spit on those going to Mass — now he’s a priest.

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