CV LOOP: Trump tax return released — but from 2005



TAXES // MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow hyped the story about the releasing of Donald Trump’s tax returns. But it turns out it she had just one year of them, and it was from 2005. The news fell flat for the liberal network, as it showed Trump paying $38 million in taxes in 2005. 

CABINET // President Trump lamented the slow pace of Senate confirmations at this Cabinet meeting this week, noting: “We have four empty sears, which is a terrible thing.” Senate Democrats have delayed and obstructed the confirmation of not just Cabinet posts, but many other appointments at the sub-Cabinet level which are necessary for a presidential administration to implement their agenda.

CORRUPTION // The New York Post with a timely editorial: Fire the IRS chief already, Mr. President.   

EXTREMISM // The Southern Poverty Law Center overuses ‘extremism,’ argues Jon Gabriel. “Groups on both sides of the aisle should think twice before labeling those who disagree with them hateful extremists,” he said.

EDUCATION // Catholic conservative Robert George and left-wing Cornel West (both professors at Princeton) sign a joint statement calling for open debate and free exchange of ideas, in response to a mob shouting down Charles Murray at Middlebury College two weeks ago: “It is all-too-common these days for people to try to immunize from criticism opinions that happen to be dominant in their particular communities.”

LGBT // NCAA tournament games only held in blue states? The Human Rights Campaign (a pro-LGBT group) led a left-wing coalition that sent a letter to the NCAA on Sunday, which can be summed up as a demand to restrict collegiate sports championships to so-called “inclusive” jurisdictions.

EDUCATION // Aquinas College in Nashville announced that it will be restructuring to focus primarily on education degrees, and will drop its other majors, as well as residential life. “We have sought to reach the most financially responsible decision possible,” stated Sister Mary Sarah Galbraith, president of Aquinas College.

CATHOLIC // Use smartphones sparingly since they impede ‘concrete dialogue,’ Pope Francis told children. “And how does one begin to dialogue? With the ear — unblock the ears. Have open ears to hear what is happening.”

WEDNESDAY WORD // Bundlers – Political fundraisers who can collect contributions from friends, family members, and business associates and then deliver the checks to the candidate in one big “bundle.”

SAINT // Saint Louise de Marillac –

DAILY MASS // “Save me, O Lord, in your kindness.” (Ps 31:17) –

MUST WATCH //  Tucker Carlson grills Planned Parenthood executive on abortion: ‘Is it a separate human being?’ Story and video:

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