CVRH 1: Jason Jones, DACA, Anti-Christian Bigotry, Free Speech


CVRH Episode 1: Amanda Prestigiacomo, Nicole Stacy, and Joshua Mercer join host Stephen Herreid to discuss anti-Catholic bigotry, Shapiro-shaming, and DACA immigration policy.

And in our special spotlight, we sit down with Jason Jones to discover the life-changing tragedy that motivated him to dedicate his life as a human rights activist.


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  1. I have two questions in response:

    1. Mr. Mercer said he doesn’t believe global warming impacts hurricanes.  I would like to know whether Mr. Mercer believes that higher sea levels cause more destructive storm surges, or not.  I would also like to know whether he believes warmer oceans cause stronger storms.  This second question is particularly salient because the forecast for Irma was specifically:  the storm weakened when passing over land (Cuba) but increased in intensity as it passes out over warmer waters en route to Florida.  If it is not true that warmer oceans causes stronger storms, then it would seem that Mr. Mercer must, by definition, argue that the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center forecasts were wrong.  Logically, warmer oceans cannot both strengthen and not strengthen hurricanes at the same time.
    Are sea levels and ocean temperatures rising just randomly, or is there a cause?
    2. Mr. Herreid said, and I quote, “You don’t change immigration law with the executive order through the President’s pen.” (21:00) Yet obviously, President Trump did just that in the spring with an executive order on immigration quotas and bans, an executive order that is still being litigated in the courts.  At the time, CatholicVote said, and again, this is a quote:  “We are inclined to defer to the President.”
    Sadly, it seems that executive orders on immigration that fit your agenda are considered constitutional, while those that don’t are considered unconstitutional.  That’s a really unfair way of looking at things and questions what exactly the role of your website is.

    • Earth rotates east to west. That is why the oceans are gaining in that direction. Atlantic has risen 1 1/2 feet every 100 years as long as we have measured it. NO PROOF THAT in crease in CO 2 changes CLIMATE. No equations. If there are where are they.

      • Unfortunately the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration completely disagrees.
        If you’re going to say they don’t understand this issue, then it only seems logical to not trust their hurricane forecast as well. Did you believe their hurricane forecast?
        Surely, as well, you have proof, scientific proof, of where all the CO 2 produced by combustion is going, if it is not retained on the atmosphere.

  2. No questions warm water effects on Hurricanes…the question is, how much are human actions responsible for this? That is what deniers if Global Warming object to. The Executive Order by Trump was constitutional it is part of the rights of the Executive branch to close the gates in a crisis and we are in a crisis! Let the Supreme Court decide. Also, the Executive Order by Obama was in direct violation of the Law promulgated by Congress concerning Immigration I am 80 years old and remember Political Science….do they still teach it?

  3. I disagree with the mindkess unquestioning support for DACA illegal aliens. An ex ICE investigator has clearly stated that 40% or more of those who applied for DACA are frauds…. not brought here by parents when children. A large percentage are not children! Does anyone consider first what is good for our fellow American citizens and their children? The cost is clear. In CA .. poorest schools in the US, failing infrastructure, bad roads, high crime , high taxes, high tuition, lawless politicians and who gave Americans a choice in all of this? Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime and it keeps on giving, crossing the border is just the first crime.. fraud, theft and violent crime continue. 30% of CDC prisoners are illegal aliens.

  4. i feel that all the bickering between us merely makes our “leaders” jobs easier. They can blame the fact that we are against so many different things for their inability to pass meaningful laws.

  5. i enjoyed listening to the podcast. it was very informative. I don’t know how many people you reach but it would great if our so called “Catholic” would listen to such podcasts.

    i am a Catholic but I am getting very disgusted with Catholic Conference of bishop and the Pope. They are way out of touch with reality. Why don’t they speak out about the real evils in the world. not be so quick to criticize our President. they ought to be thankful that Trump was elected, at lest he supports religious liberty. Can you just imagine what would have happened if Clinton was elected.

  6. If we are not concerned about people living their lives, basing their world view on an imaginary friend that instigates more harm than good, then we as a people don’t revere reason and compassion. The catholic church hires, protects and promotes rapists and pedophiles. Religions belief is not rational. One person taking to an imaginary being is considered insane, a crowd of people talking to an imaginary person is called a religion. Believe what you want, but stop trying to use irrational and bigoted dogma to tell other people how to live.

  7. Great show! Finally a show that covers politics and weighs it against our faith.
    Catholics and Protestants will both like this show.

  8. I understand the humor in your “they`re going to start killing us in the streets” comment, but I have plenty of guns just in case. My family will be around to reestablish Catholic culture once the dust settles, so don`t worry.

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