Dear President Trump, Don’t Start an Unjust War in Syria!


The Trump White House has bombed the Syrian government for a second time. Stephen Herreid says that before Trump goes further down this road, the president should listen to the Catechism, listen to Middle Eastern Christians, listen to himself, and not listen to Nikki Haley.


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  1. If you’re asking him not to kill, it’s too late already. If you’re asking him not to go to Congress requesting a declaration of war, you need not fear that he has that much respect for the Constitution.

  2. We started this war in 2013. Why is everyone discussing the current action as “starting a war”? It’s just another aggression in a five-year series of unjust aggressions.

  3. In the Syrian conflict, I can’t tell what is our government lying to us and what is Russia’s government lying to us.

  4. I am old enough to remember WW I vets who were gassed and marched in Veterans (Armistice) Day parades. It served a reminder why the use of gas in was outlawed by international convention. President Trump is not starting a war; merely reminding Assad of this prohibition. It also serves the dual purpose of discouraging others from such activities. All in all, a rather worthy accomplishment.

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