Democrats’ Revolting Equal-Pay Demagoguery


“Democrats’ Revolting Equal-Pay Demagoguery.”  Beyond the intrinsic merit of the article to which this title is attached, it deserves some notice because of who wrote it.  It’s not from an op-ed by, say, Reince Priebus (chairman of the Republican National Committee).  Nor is it from an article by a conservative columnist, like George Will or Bill Kristol.  Rather, it represents the judgment of Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus.

Marcus is a woman, a liberal, and a supporter of the Equal Pay Act.  Yet she has the independence of mind to see, and the honesty to state, that President Obama’s, and other leading Democrats’, claims that Republicans oppose the bill because they oppose equal pay for women are–a revolting form of demagoguery.


For this she deserves some credit.  It’s not much, because it is only one column from one journalist.  But it is a small blow in favor of a more rational and humane politics.

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