Democrats to Catholics: Get Lost


The Democratic Party charade on abortion is finally over.

Newly-elected Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has declared that every Democrat must be 100% pro-abortion. And according to an official statement: “that is not negotiable.”

What does this mean?

Tolerance, diversity, and ‘choice’ be damned. Every Democrat must now support the party platform which includes abortion on demand, for any reason, during any month of pregnancy, up to and including partial-birth abortion. And of course, taxpayers must pay for it.

The game is up: Fall in line, or get out.

The Democratic Party has told Catholics who believe in the sanctity of life that they are no longer welcome inside their party. Sure, they’ll take your votes. But when it comes to Catholics and our belief in the dignity of unborn children and the rights of mothers — get lost!

But did you know that 23% of Democrats are pro-life?

Democratic candidates that claim to be pro-life now face a dilemma. Will they challenge their own party leadership? Or will they wimp out, and continue to take millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood and the DNC, and hope to fool voters once again?

Senators Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA), Joe Manchin (D-WV), and Joe Donnelly (D-IN), all face re-election next year. All three ran as ‘pro-life Democrats’ despite their mixed records.

Will they campaign with their party’s chairman?

Will they use DNC staff, and take campaign money from the national party?

And if so, what will they owe Chairman Perez?

If you are a Democrat, you can disagree with your party on health care, religious liberty, taxes, climate change… you name it. But if you are not 100% on board with abortion, then you are dead to them.

It’s tragic. And I wish it wasn’t so.

In some ways the clarity is refreshing. We’ve endured the phony double-speak long enough.

Now it’s up to us to call them out. Shame them for their intolerance.

And make sure every Catholic voter knows the truth.

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  1. Time to finally look to third parties? The American Solidarity Party is the closest third party to pro-life Democrats, with their support of “Pro-Life for the Whole Life”, universal health care and social justice (as Cracked.Com’s article on weird 3rd parties put it, you can’t have an abortion but your unwanted child will have the best darn medical care and start in life that a first world nation can provide!)

  2. John Sposato on

    Dan Bongino, a failed candidate for public office (so far) and an astute political commentator, made this point recently (I’m paraphrasing a bit, but this is very close to an exact quote): The problem is this — All Democrats are Democrats. Some Republicans are also Democrats.

    The ability of Democrats to enforce unity and ideological purity within their ranks is both its biggest strength and its biggest weakness. Democrats are much more aligned than its opposition when it comes to its core issues. And the one issue that it is most monolithic and passionate about is abortion.

    Although there are others, this reason alone has been enough to keep me from voting for anyone from that party.

  3. The President of CatholicVote says “it’s tragic” and he “wishes it wasn’t so.” Bald faced lie. Pro life democrats are the biggest threat to the GOP. This is a breath of fresh air for CatholicVote. Luckily, folks like Pelosi, Sanders, and even Elizabeth Warren have come out saying that there is room for pro life Dems in the party. We’re not going anywhere.


    If it’s true I’m with him! We already got the RELIGIOUS RIGHT PARTY! It’s the GOP, so if you’re in the Democratic party, there’s no room for people that want to force RELIGION or hate in this party! We believe in everyone’s right to be free from being forced how to live! To quote ” Richie Havens” FREEDOM, 1969 WOODSTOCK!

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