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Carly Hoilman is a columnist at CatholicVote.org, and a freelance culture writer and editor based in the greater Philadelphia area. She is a wife, mother, Catholic convert, and alumna of The King's College in New York City. You can find her writings at CatholicVote, TheBlaze, Conservative Review, and Faithwire. Follow her work on Twitter @carlyhoilman.


  1. According to the LA Times story, “In a 2014 study of child torture, Barbara Knox, a pediatrician at the University of Wisconsin, found that 47% of school-age victims had been withdrawn from school for homeschooling and an additional 29% had never been enrolled.”

    I guess I’m struggling to see how that is not a “widespread and disturbing pattern.” Does CatholicVote dispute the veracity of the study?

    Also, the LA Times story makes no distinction of Christian homeschooling. It simply refers to homeschooling. In fact, the word Christian only appears once in the story – it happens to be the name of a child who was tortured, incidentally. I don’t find the use of any adjectives like religious or Catholic or other derivations.

  2. SchoolChouice has nothing to do with homeschooling. It has to do with which school you said your children to. I grew up in a very large family. There is no way my mother could have homeschooled us teaching multiple subjects to a family where there was more than 17 years from oldest to youngest. Home schooling is an oxymoron.

  3. They are using this outlying case to attack good homeschooling families in just the same way they use violent crime to attack law-abiding gun owners. Even if you don`t like homeschooling, there`s no reason to oppose letting parents choose to send their kids to the best public or private school in town.

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