Donald Trump Releases a Video Tribute to Mother Teresa


Today, Sept. 3, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump released a video commemorating the impending canonization of Mother Teresa of Calcutta/Kolkata

You can call it kind or cynical or pandering or nice or whatever you like, but it’s definitely very unusual. When I first heard of it in an email from a friend earlier today, I assumed Trump said something negative or that it was a joke. I was wrong.

Sorry, Donald.

Here’s what he did say:

This weekend, Mother Teresa is being canonized by Pope Francis, receiving sainthood for her amazing life of charity and holiness. Mother Teresa gave food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, education to the needy. She represented the best in each of us. I’m truly happy to see Catholics across the world join together and celebrate Mother Teresa’s uniquely humble, generous and pious life. There was nobody like her.

And here’s the video:

Images: YouTube screenshot

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A native of the Adirondacks and Saratoga Springs in northern New York State, journalist and fiction writer Kate O'Hare now lives in Los Angeles, where she's on a neverending quest to find a parish in the L.A. Archdiocese with orthodox preaching, excellent traditional music and parking.


  1. Thank you, Donald!! We need you to lead this country and to protect our freedoms. May Mother St. Teresa of Calcutta bless you from heaven on her special day! Too bad the other side has such little faith and even what they have will be taken away.

    • How could you say such a terrible thing?! Shame on you. How dare you sin with your mouth by bearing false witness and summing up all on “the other side” and threaten that a gift from God will be taken away? Shocking! But so prevalent among the Trump supporters. He seems to foster hatred.

  2. Thank you Mr. Trump!
    I hope you make safeguarding the rights of nurses and M.D.’s to not be involved in procedures and prescriptions that end an unborn or terminally ill person’s life. There are many–and a good percentage of them not religious–that will not, and should not have to, be involved in such ghastly “care.” Hillary is marching us further towards a state-run ‘healthcare’ system where these people that see the dignity and worth of human life at every stage will not be allowed to practice.

  3. Of course Mr Trump would publicly say positive remarks about Mother Teresa and her canonization. Mr.Trump is a good man and he is smart. I pray that he wins the Presidental election. Trump/Pence 2016
    If you are looking for a traditional Latin Mass in the Los Angeles diocese with great music and preaching try St. Victors in West Hollywood the parking is so so at least the two times I was there. The Latin Mass is in the evening though.
    There is St Therese in Alhambra at 1pm? with a Traditional Latin Mass. If you are willing to drive further there St. John the Baptist in Costa Mesa in Orange County diocese with a MissaCantata and sometimes Solemn High Latin Mass at 12:30pm. There is also St. Mary’s by the Sea in Huntington Beach 12noon Latin Mass.

  4. Deborah M Treister on

    Please, as influencer for Catholics voting,assist our people in ensuring Catholics have all info needed to make informed decisions when voting.Are you asking Diocese if they will allow Trump to speak on school choice? Trump’s position on many issues more closely aligns with Catholic teachings than other candidates,and other congregations allow him to speak. I want to believe that you are a voice for faithful Catholics,even when contradicting our Bishops,who are not always on right side of the Truth.
    Thank you

    • “When contradicting ‘or Bishops; who are not always on the right side of the Truth” – be concise…’OUR Bishops’ and ‘A Bishop’ are not the same. Bishops conferences, dicasteries, offices of Church, canon law, etc, etc, etc…and ultimately papal infallibility – God knows us humans…and worked more checks and balances into the Church than and government will ever have…’A Bishop’ very well can be biased, unholy and disinterested in truth and present a statement – which can easily be disputed…’Our Bishops’, not the same things – the conference messes up, and has, but not hundreds of time… Once it gets further review, well, let me just say that the Holy Spirit is in charge…”A Bishop” messes up a lot, “Our Bishops”, not so much but DEFINITELY sometimes, as it goes up..come on, you know God’s got us covered over (sometimes bigger than they seem to should be, but a lot of times, not as much problems that are real)…but really, has Satan ever prevailed? That’s the foundation of what keeps our hope strong…

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