Exclusive: Bishop Paprocki’s Letter in Defense of Marriage to be Read at All Springfield Masses This Sunday


As I wrote yesterday, lawmakers in Springfield, Illinois are trying to bring up a bill to redefine marriage. If proponents of same-sex marriage believe they have enough votes they will try to get the bill to the floor as early as today.

Efforts to bring the issue up to a vote already have hit a snag, however, and as a result the bill to redefine marriage will probably be voted on as an amendment to a totally unrelated bill involving car rentals (seriously).

If you live in Illinois and haven’t yet contacted your lawmakers in Springfield to demand they protect marriage please do so now! You can use this form or (preferably) call their office directly.

I’m glad to report that yet another brave bishop in Illinois is taking this debate as an opportunity to educate his flock and urge them to take action. Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Diocese of Springfield has instructed all of his priests to read this at Mass on Sunday:

SSM-Illinois +Paprocki Letter 1-2-2013

Bishop Paprocki was last mentioned on these pages when he summed up the election in a single sentence.

Bishop Paprocki and Cardinal George are not the only faith leaders to speak out in defense of marriage. Over 1,700 faith communities in Illinois have signed on to a letter demanding that the laws of their state reflect the true reality of marriage.

Please pray for the protection of children and marriage in Illinois!

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