Biden slips in Iowa poll


A well-respected Iowa poll shows Joe Biden still in first place at 24%, but his support went down a third from where it was in December. Bernie Sanders remains stuck at 16%, with Elizabeth Warren rising to 15%. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in close fourth place at 14%. Kamala Harris had 7%, with no other candidate above 2%.

In December, months before he even entered the race, nearly a third of Iowa voters said they backed Biden. Today, about six weeks after he announced he would run, Biden’s support has fallen by a third.

Biden’s declining support came even before this week’s controversy over his flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment, which came after Selzer began fielding her poll.

In December, 82 percent of Iowa Democratic voters said they saw Biden favorably; this month, that number is down to 72 percent of Democratic voters, a 10-point drop. His unfavorable ratings are up 9 points.

And Biden’s backers are less enthusiastic about their chosen candidate than supporters of other candidates.