Kids’ movie cuts out nasty scene


In response to public outcry by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and others, the childrens’ movie Show Dogs is getting re-cut to remove an inappropriate sex abuse message. The newly-edited version will be ready by this weekend.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation released a statement blasting the film, saying the movie “sends a troubling message that grooms children for sexual abuse…It contains multiple scenes where a dog character must have its private parts inspected, in the course of which the dog is uncomfortable and wants to stop but is told to go to a ‘zen place.’

The dog is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the dog show after passing this barrier. Disturbingly, these are similar tactics child abusers use when grooming children—telling them to pretend they are somewhere else, and that they will get a reward for withstanding their discomfort.

Children’s movies must be held to a higher standard, and must teach children bodily autonomy, the ability to say ‘no’ and safety, not confusing messages endorsing unwanted genital touching.”