Media still in hysterics over Jimmy Fallon “normalizing” Trump in interview


The continued backlash over Jimmy Fallon’s 6 minute interview with then-candidate Trump reveals an unstable and hysterical media. Jimmy Fallon’s crime? “Normalizing” Trump.

Give me a break.

Trump’s visit on “The Tonight Show” was but a brief exchange taking place well after your local newscast. The helium light interview was seen in the area of 3 million viewers (Fallon’s audience average at the time.) May I suggest something else that may have “normalized” the candidate? How about his appearing in “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice”, which were broadcast in primetime, for an hour — FOR FOURTEEN SEASONS! I’m going to be bold and declare that had a slightly bigger impact, rather than a single 6 minute interview near midnight.

The biggest prevarication in all of this is with any member of the media that has the temerity to lambaste Fallon for supposedly burnishing Trump’s image. Recall before the GOP primary how the press could not get enough of Donald. He was a regular on the news nets and pundit shows, receiving what was estimated to be upwards of $2 billion in free media exposure.

That is the biggest reason of all that Fallon has absorbed these cultural arrows. The media, once they realized the monster they created broke free, and after months of spin he began to take hold with the public, would never take the responsibility. As soon as the talk host dared play polite with the hated candidate the press pounced; They had their scape goat.

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