The abortion lobby really hates this judicial nominee


Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is lobbying hard against Wendy Vitter, who has been nominated to the federal bench by President Trump. Of course, to us, their attack reads like an endorsement. Planned Parenthood complained: “She’s spoken at anti-abortion rallies, led anti-abortion panels, and represented organizations that have tried to undermine access to basic health services.”

Planned Parenthood hates the fact that President Trump has nominated pro-life judges to the judiciary. His latest, Wendy Vitter, a strong pro-life advocate, got a personal shout-out from the abortion conglomerate on Twitter.

Vitter has been nominated for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana and will be confirmed for the post by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Sure enough, Planned Parenthood has been lobbying against Vitter, decrying that she would be “disastrous” for abortion.