Trump signs spending bill to end 8-hour shutdown


A bipartisan budget passed both houses of Congress and was signed by President Trump. But President Trump also addressed the grumbles from conservatives who complained about the big increase in government spending included in the bill.

The short-term spending bill will keep the government open through March 23, and it’s the first step toward implementing the bigger spending agreement.

That deal will end the defense and nondefense sequester for 2018 and 2019, and is expected to boost spending by nearly $300 billion over those two years.

The short-term bill passed early Friday also turns off the debt ceiling for about one year, allowing the government to borrow whatever it wants during that period….

Trump tweeted: “Without more Republicans in Congress, we were forced to increase spending on things we do not like or want in order to finally, after many years of depletion, take care of our Military. Sadly, we needed some Dem votes for passage. Must elect more Republicans in 2018 Election!”