Will Catholic adoption in Michigan be shut down?


Catholic adoption agencies might have to close down because of Michigan’s attorney general.

A new lawsuit filed in federal court shows just what adoptive children are up against in the partisan war of political correctness and anti-religious bigotry. In Buck v. Gordon, a complaint filed in federal court in Michigan on Monday shows that in order to get relief and the care they need, foster families sued the state of Michigan and the federal Department of Health and Human Services so faith-based adoption agencies could continue to unite children with loving families.

Through the lawsuit, the adoptive families hope an injunction will be granted to faith-based agencies such as St. Vincent Catholic Charities, which will be shut down unless it connects children with heterosexual and homosexual couples — the latter is something that does not align with St. Vincent’s Catholic beliefs.

Melissa Buck, a mother of five children with special needs, adopted through St. Vincent. In a statement, she voiced the importance of this program continuing: “My five children have a home and a future today thanks to St. Vincent, and my husband and I still rely on St. Vincent’s vital support in every step of our journey together as a family. We are hopeful that the courts will step in, do the right thing and allow faith-based agencies to continue to help vulnerable families like mine.”