Father, Defend Your Children: An Open Letter to Pope Benedict


Your Holiness, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI,

This summer has been a painful one for the faithful, as it must also have been for you. For weeks we have been bombarded with revelation after heartbreaking revelation.

That princes of the Church in the highest positions of authority and influence have been wolves in shepherds’ robes.

That wicked men who are supposed to be our fathers in faith have exploited us, betrayed us, and preyed upon us as they indulge their unnatural perversions and advance their luxurious careers.

That the rot has claimed not only parish priests, but also bishops, cardinals, and perhaps, as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s testimony has credibly claimed, even your successor, Pope Francis.

Your renunciation of the papal throne five years ago left us, your spiritual children, deeply confused. Many of us have struggled to understand why, after a life of faithful service to the Church and a pontificate during which Your Holiness did so much to revive the life of the Faith, you would leave us before the Lord had called you home.

One prevailing speculation is that you glimpsed the rot in the hierarchy, believed you lacked sufficient strength to uproot it, and resigned hoping that another would do that which you could not.

I cannot bring myself to blame you for resigning. You remain well beloved and respected by your children, a spiritual father to us.

Your Holiness, you are in a unique position to aid your children. Having once been supreme head of the Church on earth, you know how deeply abusiveness, homosexualism, and careerism have infected her. The cancer certainly runs deep, and Archbishop Viganò is even reported to have gone into hiding, afraid for his life.

Therefore, I beg you, Holy Father, protect us your children. Make known to the world whatever knowledge you have of the perversions and abuses, the cover-ups and the enabling. Publicly urge officials in the Vatican to release the documents to which Archbishop Viganò refers in his testimony and his later responses to critics. Confirm before the world the truth of Archbishop Viganò’s testimony; or if it be false, or in need of correction or clarification, make plain the whole, unadulterated truth.

Please, Your Holiness, defend us from the wolves who would sooner turn our souls over to the eternal torments of Hell than see true justice done on earth.

No matter what happens in the days to come, the faithful will continue to fight to restore and preserve the purity and integrity of Holy Mother Church, with full confidence in the promise of Christ: that the gates of Hell will never prevail against her.

But I implore you to act, openly for all to see. The intervention of our father, sincerely respected and loved throughout the Church, would be a singular comfort and source of renewed strength for us your children.

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Matthew Penza is a senior at Princeton University studying computer science, a senior campus correspondent for Campus Reform, and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He can be found on Facebook and Twitter @mpenza19.


  1. What on earth makes you think your not being played by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI??
    All these Cardinals are his spiritual children he help place them in the hierarchy. Do you really think he did not know these men. The rot in the church happened way before Pope Francis. Strong evidence show Pope Paul the VI had someone in the closet. Benedict knows that church leaders are going to be arrested and tried in international court once the DOJ get in involved. Pope St Pius X was the last pope to try to stop the filth. 1960 these sick Bishops hijacked the Church. We need a international inquisition to find the truth

    • Mary Ann Steppke on

      the rot in the church goes way back to the beginning and these sins have not been removed and these sins cause it to rot wihin and we no longer identify as Jesus’church .Pope Francis is trying desparatedly but other evil spirits like cardinals who will not speak or are not telling the truth but are in denial .I have seen many immigrants from around the world tell me why they do not attend church. iThey state they never trusted the church and that priests had molested many during the past. Most of them are silent and lost but are seeking God in their lives. The homosexual issue is strong Today just look at the socalled Traditional Church with its homosexual trend and separation from Vatican 2

  2. Eyes Wide Open on

    It’s weird how nobody talks about Saint Pope John Paul II although if you do the math all the conservative allegations suggest he let it get wild and crazy and Benedict was right there with him the whole time so to suggest that he woke up one day and threw up his hands in shock and horror and resigned the papacy is pure silliness. “God’s Rottweiler” turned into a timid, shrinking violet? I think the allegations of massive financial impropriety under his watch are a far more realistic explanation for his sudden departure from the scene.

    • In regards to John Paul II, he proved himself outside the Catholic Church by his Assisi Meetings in 1986. J P II believed in universal salvation which is condemned by Pontiffs and prayer services with heretics, again condemned by Pontiffs. In one of the heretical services a statue of Buddha was placed above the tabernacle and incensed.

      Is is too late for the conciliar church / novus ordo sect and its humanly designed new religion based on the countless substantial changes of Vatican II Council? Let us pray that it is not.

    • In other words, do you suggest schism? That would let PF and his cronies off the hook. Do you really think that prudent??

  3. Gordon Leigheaue on

    This has been going on in the church for years. It has been all continuously and conveniently swept under the rug, moving priests from parish to parish to hide their misdeeds. Don’t think for a minute that the pope that abdicated his responsibilities didn’t know.

    The current pope is doing what he can within the machinations of the organizational hierarchy. Perhaps the church needs new people with forward thinking ideas and not a bunch of old guys who pretend to be “holy” but are protecting their positions of power.

    This corruption is why the church is losing its grasp on its followers.

  4. Those who believe that Pope Benedict XVI chose to voluntarily leave and completely retire from the public eye are naive.

    He was pushed out.

    By whom?

    By those who were/are seeking “New World Order.”

    Unfortunately, the ‘wolves’ in the Catholic Church are more than just communists and homosexuals. They are members of other esoteric regimes that seek the destruction of the only Truth. The freemasons, black magick, order of the golden dawn, witches, Satanists, and so forth. They have been infiltrating since the Knights of Templar.

    Some of the most powerful and wealthiest people in the world such as politicians, CEOs, and celebrities flaunt their involvement in such perversions in both the media and social media.

    The discovery of this will help us, the laymen, and the real priests to finally cleanse the Church of those who seek to destroy with in.

  5. Benedict XI did clamp down on this making it easier to laicize priests and insisting on punishment for what’s his name the founder of the Legionnaires of Christ when others wanted to sweep it under the rug. He also issued a ruling early in his papacy that those with a deep seated homosexual orientation cannot become priests. I see strong signs that since then vocations screening in many diocese takes that seriously. Benedict doesn’t get the credit he deserves for dealing with this. Francis is too unclear focusing so much on mercy, “who am I to judge” that justice and church discipline go by the wayside. One of the most valuable things we can do for these victims is laicize the perps and remove the cover up artists from ministry and in some cases even laicize.

  6. Maybe I’m missing something, but if Benedict knew about McCarrick’s crimes, he should have made the information public. I am at a total loss how Benedict is somehow on the “good” side of this.d

    • Because what Benedict knew about was McCarrick’s behavior with other adults … icky behavior but not a crime. It is only in the last 12 months an allegation of misdeeds with a minor. I.e. a crime has surfaced

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