Feminism, Keep Your Filthy Hands Off My Wife


A new feminist proposal has surfaced at the Daily Telegraph: Penalize women for staying at home with their children. This is why feminism can’t have nice things—like, for example, the respect of women. A steadily increasing number of women are rejecting the ideology. And it’s high time men do too.

My colleague Jennifer Hartline sums up the Telegraph proposal at The Stream:

The Daily Telegraph recently published a piece by Sarrah Le Marquand in which she says it should be illegal for mothers to stay at home once their children are school-aged. She draws on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) recent report which said mothers “would be better off putting their skills to use in paid employment.”

Hartline goes on to analyze the central arguments of the Daily Telegraph piece: That feminists should drop the outdated notion that feminism is about “choice” rather than a sort of equality that amounts to State-enforced androgyny, and that ultimately women should be “held accountable” to the modern State rather than to themselves, their God, and their families.

As Hartline writes, “We all know the only ‘choice’ liberal feminism allows women is to kill the child in the womb.” That’s old news. But the strict logic of pro-abortion feminism also threatens to delete the biological realities of manhood and womanhood as if they were nothing but bugs in an ultimately sexless, restrictive utopia in the making.

“We can’t just shrug and say this kind of coercion could never happen in America,” Hartline concludes:

We have abandoned the truth that marriage is between a man and a woman for life, for the benefit of their children. We’ve forgotten that the family is the first cell of society. The adults’ wants now outweigh the children’s needs, so we’re well on our way. When the State becomes god, then get ready for the Work Force and all the tyranny that comes with it.

Jennifer Hartline is not alone. More and more women are opting out of feminism as currently constituted, with its radical abortion advocacy, its misandry, and its hatred of the unique gifts of womanhood.

Last week I cited my friend Carly Hoilman of the Conservative Review, who says the common feminist claim “that motherhood is a barrier to living a full life” ignores “the stories of countless women and families whose lives were enriched by this unique call to sacrifice.”

The Stream’s Liberty McArtur argues that while women in America certainly do face some male misogyny, “we already have all the empowerment we need to fight back, work hard, and prove the sexists, misogynists and chauvinists wrong.”

Amanda Prestigiacomo of the Daily Wire, herself a champion on behalf of women oppressed under Sharia law, has written that “the feminist movement in America is essentially useless, constantly ignoring actual oppression of women to scream about the ‘right’ to kill unborn babies.”

Throughout the “Women’s March” events of the past two months, numerous other female commentators expressed their disapproval of the organization’s agenda, which is every bit as hostile to dissenting women as it ever was to the so-called “patriarchy.”

Outside the world of professional conservative commentators, there has also been a recent groundswell of apolitical women who express similar sentiments. In a recent trend on some social media platforms, women posted “selfies” along with messages that began “I don’t need feminism because.…” Examples included “it reinforces the men as agents/women as victims dichotomy,” “a victim complex is not empowering,” and “I believe in unconditional love and respect for all human beings….”

It also bears repeating that, as Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser recently pointed out to me, even women who consider themselves part of the “Women’s March” movement are almost certainly more moderate than the event organizers and spokeswomen. “At a minimum, it is almost certain that they reject [abortion]after 20 weeks.

Feminists Bully Good Women. Men Should Stick Up for Them!

Too many men have been convinced that questioning radical feminism will get them labeled as misogynists. But the time has passed for that kind of timidity. Good women like the ones I cited above now have to defend themselves against radicals who hate them for who they are, and men shouldn’t leave them to fight alone on the front lines.

When feminist logic leads to literally threatening to jail wrong-thinking women, it’s past time for men to respond forcefully as well: “Feminism, keep your filthy hands off!”

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Stephen Herreid is Managing Editor Online at CatholicVote.org, and Executive Producer and Host of the CatholicVote Radio Hour. He is a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus. Follow him on Twitter @StephenHerreid.


  1. Open-mindedness and tolerance aren’t really open-mindedness and tolerance when they force people to choose between disobeying their consciences or being labeled some negative name. Respecting and rejoicing in the inherent dignity of life and the inherent differences between men and women leads to having life, and having it more abundantly!

    • Being feminine and being equal are not mutually exclusive ideals- women, especially Catholic women, are both, since God created us, male and female, in His image.

      “Equal” need not equate to “Male” or “Masculine”.

      We are all equal in the eyes of God, and in the US, under our Constitution.

  2. Stop it. There is no serious movement to punish women who stay at home to raise families. You’re beating up a straw man. I would also point out that, in light of Tomi Lahren’s and Richard Spencer’s recent comments about abortion, comments that got ZERO ATTENTION from this website, it is clear that the pro choice movement is far more consistent with the radical individualism of modern conservatism, where the needs of self apply over all others. The GOP has brilliantly duped all of you into believing that they care about babies. They took your votes and are laughing all the way to the bank. Wake up.

    • Your [SeanM’s] entire comment is a straw man.

      But, if you are correct (in a broken clock sort of way) about the GOP not caring about babies, we may look forward, then, to the Dems confirming Neil Gorsuch.

      • Tomi Lahren and Richard Spencer speak for modern Trump supporters. That they are pro choice is no surprise to me because the right to life stands against everything the conservatism stands form. In conservatism, all that matters is one’s own individualism and the freedom to do whatever one wants, whether that is carrying an AR-15 rifle in Chuck E Cheese or aborting a 26-week old baby in the womb. Nothing matters except a person’s own individual desires. This is not a straw man. This is truth brother. God bless.

        • No one or two persons speak for modern Trump supporters.

          You are confusing Libertarianism with Conservatism.

          Did you really equate carrying a weapon into a restaurant with aborting a baby?

          And, do you still claim not to be setting up straw man arguments?

          That isn’t truth, brother, that is just the opposite.

    • Stephen Herreid on

      If you’re seriously more concerned with Tomi Lahren than with the pro-abortion movement, then I’m happy to disappoint you.

      • I do not care about Tomi Lahren’s comments. I’m a pro life democrat. The abortion issue is a wash for me because nobody really cares about ending abortion, they care about votes. But it is an illusion to believe that the pro life movement is consistent with the modern GOP. Try reading the writings of Father James Martin to understand what consistent whole life ethic really means. It’s almost directly opposed to everything the GOP stands for. You don’t disappoint me, Stephen, but if you and everybody on this site claim to support the GOP because of its stance on abortion, you are not being truthful or you are being incredibly naive. If the GOP cared about unborn children, it would support efforts to help mothers in difficult situations who are expecting. Taking away maternity care in the latest health care bill is unquestionably anti-life and anti-family.

        • There is no such unicorn as a ‘pro-life’ Democrat.

          Democrats believe in abortion up to and beyond the birth of a baby, and they also believe in euthanasia.

          The GOP isn’t perfect, but, they aren’t unicorns, either-

          • The generalization in your comment borderlines ridiculousness. There are many of us pro life Democrats who are vocal on the whole life ethic. Open your eyes. If you care about life issue, you might want to join the movement. If Ayn Rand individualism appeals more to you, you should probably stay where you are.

            IMO, pro life Democrats are the worst nightmare to CV and its followers because it presses on all issues that are important parts of Catholic Social Teaching, not just one. You would prefer to say that we are unicorns because we are a threat to the GOP establishment. CV and its followers address one issue and are nothing but apologists for the GOP on everything else.

  3. My comments are very specific- Democrats support abortion on demand up to and beyond full term birth (if the aborted baby survives the abortion)- fact. Democrats also support euthanasia- fact.

    Ayn Rand is an icon to Libertarians, and Atheists- educate yourself in private before making a fool of yourself in public.

    Speaking of nightmares, imagine being an aborted full term baby that is denied medical intervention to save his/her life. That is Obama-Clinton “pro-life’ Democracy for you-

    • Haha. This is fun. Ayn Rand is a darling of many conservatives, no less than the actual Speaker of the House. Libertarians and conservatives are ideologically very similar, particularly when it comes to mistrust of government intrusion into one’s own individual freedoms. This is poli-sci 101 pal, and all I’m pointing out is that the pro abortion position is consistent with the anti-government view of today’s tea party conservatism.

      You can insult me all you want and say I’m making a fool of myself in public. Fine with me. But here’s the facts bubba: Today’s Democratic Party is wrong on abortion and hides behind women’s rights to justify the taking of innocent lives. Today’s Republican Party/CV/the religious right is wrong on climate change, compassion towards refugees, dignity of the poor/disadvantaged, seeing healthcare as a commodity and not a right, the death penalty, care for the mentally ill, care for expecting mothers, and the list goes on and on and on. This is not hard Delphin.

      • Some kids in my daughter’s 8th grade Catholic school class started reading Ayn Rand. She told them :”You can follow the philosophy of Ayn Rand or you can follow the philosophy of Jesus Christ. You just can’t follow them both.” I worry that Paul Ryan has abandoned the Gospel to follow Ms. Rand’s Objectivism teachings.

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