Fight Erupts Between Francis and Benedict Over Election Crowd Size


Well, we didn’t see this coming.

Ever since Pope Benedict’s surprise resignation in 2013 and the subsequent election of Pope Francis, the two pontiffs have maintained a respectful and peaceful co-existence.  On the few occasions that they have appeared together in public, Francis and Benedict have displayed what observers can only describe as affectionate friendship.  There has never been any trace of discord, resentment, or competition.

Until now.

Apparently the recent dust-up in America over inaugural crowd sizes has prompted a similar feud to explode within the walls of the Vatican.  What started with a simple tweet on Saturday has evolved into one of the most awkward and embarrassing episodes for the Catholic Church since Pope Urban’s Latin-barking dog started dictating unauthorized encyclicals, such as Fido et barkio and Habemus poopam.  Eventually the pontifical mutt had to be accompanied through a process of discernment ending at the bottom of the Tiber, thus closing the door on the great “Rex Cathedra Crisis of 1473.”

But we digress.

On Saturday, out of pretty much nowhere, the following tweet appeared:

My election crowd much bigger than @EmeritusBen’s crowd.  Stay retired!!!  LOW ENERGY.

Initially the tweet garnered little attention from the worldwide Church, but then a response came, and the whole fiasco went viral:

Wow.  Everyone knows – way more people in St. Peter Sq. for my election.  Don’t you have any work to do @PontifexFrancis?

It only escalated from there.

BXVI just jealous because massive crowd in 2013.  Photos don’t lie!  EPIC CROWD!!!

OH PLEASE.  Nice photoshop!  Check out REAL crowd size for 2005 (MY) election.

HUGE LIE @EmeritusBen.  Yours was more like this.  Ghost town.  Lol.

Yours was more like this.  DESERT.

Yours was like this.  MOONE.

LOL, can’t even spell MOON.  Here’s a new “dubia” for you: where are all the people?  AT HOME.  BORING ELECTION.

That was it.  The spat seems to have quieted down for now, but stay tuned.  Sources inside the Vatican are hinting that this is just the beginning of a new era of papal one-upmanship, and there are even rumors that the Rosary may soon get another update, with the introduction of the Five Terrific Mysteries.

It’s getting out of control.

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  1. Back in the good ole USA things aren’t that funny. I know that Popes can’t tell a lie, but that attribute cannot be applied to one who “promises to make America Great Again”. I am 80 years old and have never felt so violated by a new US President. My sensitivity to his lies, demeanor, narcissistic mumbo, misogynism, and his paranoia with any admission of fault is serious. A prime example of this is his obsession of not being at fault is the very subject of this article. Placing such unwarranted weight on Kellyanne Conway’s misstatement of “alternative facts” implies to me that he has difficulty ordering priorities. Add to that his outright creation of a false premise that elections were “rigged” and that three and a half million voters voted illegally. All of this diatribe when there is no intellectual proof of either. I thought Trump was surrounding himself with the best of the best intellectuals. So far, I have only seen “talking heads” mimicking Trump’s thoughts as if they feared his wrath and he would fire them. Then, the American people are shackled with the fear of an inexperienced president having been placed the awesome human obliterating nuclear codes in his possession. If America can escape the next four years of Trump’s craziness our children and theirs may breathe somewhat easier. A prime factor in that time frame is Trump’s accepting that Vladimir Putin is not a friend and deal accordingly.

    Trump has a penchant for not seeing the forest because of the trees. That is exactly why he uses less than presidential words like, “ blood coming out of everywhere, magnificent, wonderful people, disaster, believe me folks, only I can run my business and the presidency simultaneously, she is a dog”, depending on the recipient’s status.
    God save the Union

    • Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
      Trump may be narcissistic and arrogant BUT what he promises he is doing..
      The demoncraps are so outraged that wicked Hilary did not win they are doing everything to stop his agenda. The one we voted him in to pursue.
      Plea se give him a chance and maybe you will realize he is The Best person in the WH. For next 8 years, along with Pence.
      God bless Trump and make him a good and just President.

  2. Interesting, let me add some facts. Clinton began with the wall issue. It was voted in earlier by Obama and H. Clinton as Senators. Obama signed a veto of the same give countries early on. The ban of sharia law has existed since 1952. Obama said he will bring only Muslims, did people protested in the streets, even though isis was murdering Christians, men, women, and children and published beheadings for not recanting Jesus, with babies and children in cages ready to be burned alive, and then burned alive? Did you protest and felt betrayed? Yet, Obama brought 12,000 plus Muslims with a goal of Hillary to bring, not Christian refuges, just 100,000 Muslim refugees. I didn’t hear protests from you. The Mexican president built a wall on his border with Guatemala. Did I hear Americans frustrated and protesting for inhuman rights? No, no, and no.

  3. MORGAMB, I feel sorry for you. Learn to trust God. Many of us cringed throughout Obama’s presidency, knowing that the effects of his decisions tore at the foundation of our faith, family values and constitution. President Trump may not do everything right, but he will do more to save the lives of millions of children from abortion than any president we’ve had so far. If liberals continue to throw temper tantrums, they will only lose more support for any good ideas they do have.

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