Fox News’ Kirsten Powers: Welcome Home to the Catholic Church!


Yesterday, Friday, Oct. 9, following an announcement on Fox News’ afternoon panel show “The Five,” FNC sent out a tweet about FNC contributor and author Kirsten Powers, a self-described Democrat and liberal:


Following that was an exchange between Powers and fellow FNC contributor Father Jonathan Morris:


As I type, it’s almost 630 p.m. Eastern, so, if all goes as planned, in about a half-hour, Powers will be received into the Catholic Church.

Deo gratias! Welcome home!

It’s been a long spiritual journey for Powers, which she discussed in a 2013 testimony for Christianity Today (which also reported the news of her Catholic conversion, with somewhat less overt excitement, but the title did begin with “Pope Francis’ Latest Convert”).

Powers, who was raised Episcopalian but became essentially a functional atheist, found her way back to faith in Christ, becoming an Evangelical. It began with a challenge from a believing boyfriend:

Then he said the magic words for a liberal: “Do you think you could keep an open mind about it?” Well, of course. “I’m very open-minded!” Even though I wasn’t at all. I derided Christians as anti-intellectual bigots who were too weak to face the reality that there is no rhyme or reason to the world. I had found this man’s church attendance an oddity to overlook, not a point in his favor.

As he talked, I grew conflicted. On the one hand, I was creeped out. On the other hand, I had enormous respect for him. He is smart, educated, and intellectually curious. I remember thinking, What if this is true, and I’m not even willing to consider it?

Blogger Monsignor Charles Pope had this to say at the time:

“But Father, but Father….!” I hear some of you saying, “She did not become Catholic! How can we praise this!?” Well, all I know is that we are all on a journey. And the Lord has surely led some of the best Catholics through the Evangelical denominations ultimately to the Catholic Church.

And I will add that their time there (in the Evangelical denominations) was not a detour or wasted. In fact some of the greatest converts to the Catholic Church bring many gifts from their time as Evangelicals: Love for Jesus, the understanding of a personal and intimate walk with the Lord, a love for Scripture, and a zeal for souls.

At a personal level I would love for Ms. Powers to one day find herself in full union with the Catholic Church. For now I am joyful she found Jesus and I trust Jesus to lead her. Rejoice with me, rejoice with her, Jesus is joy, he is Lord and Shepherd. He shepherds us rightly.


On a personal note, I did an interview with Powers in 2013. We discussed several topics, including how her faith led her take up the cause of bringing the horrors of abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell to light — and we follow each other on Twitter.

I’ve always found her to be firm but courteous, intellectually honest, Kirsten-Powers-The-Silencingcurious, rigorous and kind. In today’s journalistic world, that practically makes her a unicorn.

Speaking of which, maybe we can get her to tag-team with Father Morris and plant seeds to change the heart and mind of fallen-away Catholic Greg Gutfeld of “The Five.”

As Powers has proven, it may be a long and winding road, but there’s no greater joy than finally crossing the Tiber.

Come on in, Greg, the water’s fine.

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  1. Michael O'Brien on

    Look up Father Jose Maniyangat and see what GOD told him what the five sins that sent most people to hell are. I was a Democrat for over forty years Kirsten until God showed me hell and the fact that we must earn our way into heaven by the way we live. If this opens your eyes look up my latest book “Catechism and Bible study made easy” you may just receive an education that might save your soul.

  2. Catherine Reskey on

    How can she call herself a Catholic and have everyone fawn over her as she votes for and represents a death culture party? Catholic should not be in name only but also in how you live your private and public life.

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