Gavin McInnes: NYTimes Piece Burned Jordan Peterson for Heresy


Jordan Peterson is impious and skeptical, while many of his Leftist opponents are religious and even mystical. The Left considers thoughts in terms of whether or not they align with or violate articles of religious faith. Peterson approaches things more with an eye to whether they align with or violate reason and nature. And so, the Left wants him tried as a heretic.

Hence the New York Times published a hit piece against him last week. Stephen talks with Gavin McInnes of CRTV’s Get Off My Lawn, who defends Peterson’s right to question one of the holiest dogmas of the Left: Feminism!


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  1. Gavin McInnes says women are “free to do their own thing” and it’s not true that men are controlling everything in their favor. Then McInnes, co-founder of a multi-billion mass media company, just a few minutes later says that “women tend to be bad writers” and that men make better are directing.

    Do McInnes or Herreid not see a problem there?

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