Here’s what a Clinton Supreme Court will do. To you. Guaranteed.


Okay, so the Supreme Court.

Look, maybe you trust Trump when he says he would appoint conservatives.  Maybe you don’t trust him at all.  Maybe you have no idea what he’d do (psst – you have no idea what he’d do) but you think that a “maybe” when it comes to conservative justices on the Court is better than an iron-clad, sealed and delivered, take it to the bank “Hill No.”

In any event, regardless of what Trump may or may not do, what is certain is that a Supreme Court shaped by Hillary Clinton would pose a serious threat to life, to marriage, to family, and to religious freedom.

If you’re a Catholic, that should matter to you.

In a comprehensive article addressing this very issue, William Bennett paints a terrifying, and yet all too real picture of what a Clinton Supreme Court would do on the issues that matter most:

Religious Liberty: In the highly-publicized case of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court ruled that closely held for-profit companies like Hobby Lobby could be exempt from laws that violate its religious beliefs, in this case Obamacare’s contraception mandate. This was an enormous win for religious liberty, but it was only decided by a slim 5-4 margin. With a liberal majority, you can expect the Court to rule against companies like Hobby Lobby or non-profits like Little Sisters of the Poor. Religious corporations and organizations around the country would be forced to chose between violating their consciences or paying penalties that would likely put them out of business. If liberals have their way, say goodbye to many religious retailers, charities, bookstores, hospitals, medical centers, and so on.

Transgender Bathrooms: Thirteen states are currently suing the Obama administration over its directive to public schools mandating that transgender students be able to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice without having to prove their gender identity. Perhaps no issue more directly impacts the lives of our children than this. A liberal Supreme Court will undoubtedly uphold the Obama administration’s rule and force states to comply. The consequences will be catastrophic. Don’t be so naive as to think boys won’t abuse these policies and force their way into female bathrooms and locker rooms. Parents and teachers won’t be able to stop them. And aside from sexual misconduct and assault, this policy could mean the end of men’s and women’s competitive athletics as we know it.

Second Amendment: Without a doubt, the Second Amendment would become a primary target of a liberal Supreme Court. In recent years, two landmark decisions protecting an individual’s right to own and bear arms – Heller v. District of Columbia and McDonald v. City of Chicago – were each decided by just one vote. (Are you noticing the 5-4 trend yet?) Given the opportunity, a liberal Court wouldn’t hesitate to overturn those decisions. We got a glimpse of this in June, when the notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Second Amendment does not permit the public to carry concealed firearms. A liberal Supreme Court would certainly uphold this ruling and continue to hack away at the rest of the Second Amendment.

Abortion: It was an activist, liberal Supreme Court in 1973 that decided Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion. A liberal Supreme Court in 2017 will only reinforce and protect that decision. It will likely strike down majority-supported, common sense abortion laws that have been passed in the states, like late term and partial birth abortion restrictions and pain-capable legislation. Just this June, the Supreme Court invalidated the Texas law requiring basic health standards for abortion facilities, a law passed to prevent another Kermit Gosnell house of horrors from occurring.

Whether you agree or disagree with Bennett’s conclusion (voting Trump is the only way to stop this from happening), you have to admit that he’s right about Hillary and what the impact of her presidency would be for generations to come.

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John White lives in the Chicago area with his wife and seven children.


  1. No way will i vote for trump or Hillary. The pro life groups who support trump surprise me…people need to protest this election and there is a candidate who says he will over turn roe verse wade. Evan McMullin….why are the pro life groups not willing to support least check him out… peace

  2. William Graham on

    Agree 100%,it took CV awhile to get there and I am disappointed certain Catholic broadcasts are eqivocating (Kresta and his so called political experts) and are doing our country a disservice,I realize Catholics have been Democratic historically but the current Democrats are socialists,a anti religion ,pro abortion and corrupt,and too many say the are Catholic (scandalous)VOTE TRUMP!!!

    • We are Republicans, but our parents are long time Democrats. They are not socialists, very religious, Pro-life and not corrupt. That’s the problem with righties… they paint with the broadest brushes.

      You think Trump is good for the country? Last night at the “Commander-in-Chief” forum aboard the USS Intrepid he outright lies about two things… his position on the Iraq war and what he heard at a briefing about Obama ignoring intelligence recommendations. He was in favor of the war and intelligence briefings make no recommendations. Caught RED handed!

      • Morgan – the Democrat Party is NOT your parents Demoncrat party.
        A woman and party that would RIP A FULL TERM VIABLE BABY from the mother – even as late as during delivery – and stick scissors in the child’s brain??

        My family grew up in a Dem stronghold – and it was presumed you would be Dem. But the slime, the scum, the corruption, the deflection and diversion, the refusal to understand the separation of Church and state….. at what point do you think for your self and recognize the facts. Are YOU Catholic? Because you seem to using that broad brush.

        Jesus said “No Work, nor shall you eat”. The disparaging of Catholics. The rapists an murderers. How about how this group not only treats the Little Sisters of the Poor but all Catholics and most Christians? I am Catholic and do not want a liberal atheists ordering me to pay for someone’s abortion or that I MUST have insurance coverage to pay for others or to pay for others evil lifestyles.

        other denominations preach politics from the pulpit – but let a Catholic or conservative do so – and they are threatened.

        I am sickened that my pastor is a register Dem and seems to support the known corruption. Pretty sure WWJD does not include telling his followers to support oppressive people who seem to be forcing his followers into sin.

  3. I am a centrist when the topic is abortion. I take that position being a man. Would you please explain what you mean by… “common sense abortion laws”?

    • From the article:

      “common sense abortion laws….like late term and partial birth abortion restrictions and pain-capable legislation. Just this June, the Supreme Court invalidated the Texas law requiring basic health standards for abortion facilities, a law passed to prevent another Kermit Gosnell house of horrors from occurring.”

      Would you please explain what you meant by “I am a centrist when the topic is abortion. I take that position being a man.”?

      • One can observe mainly men, who cannot bear a child, making ALL the decisions for women who are the pillars of society. We talk about the glass ceiling in the work place, but are in fear of expand that discussion to religion. Based on what we know of Christian Religions there is only one that places women as subordinate to men.

        Being a centrist offers one a unique vantage point. Last year in Florida a state legislator named Jennifer Sullivan offered a bill that “forced” a woman to wait 24 hours before having an abortion. During the waiting period the woman was “forced” to see her doctor twice and be “forced to undergo an ultrasound and pay for it. The bill failed to consider the economic status of the woman.

        Some time earlier this year the Florida Supreme Court had the bill withdrawn for the simple reason that the State laws on privacy were being violated. As a centrist I agreed with the court. There is an irony here… the Florida Legislature is controlled by Republicans who have used smaller government as their rallying cause. A law like Sullivan’s would add government to monitor the 24 hours.

        Which party is looking out for you?.

        • Society is not “making decisions for a woman.” She is making decisions for herself: whether to have sex or not have sex, whether to get married or not get married, whether to contracept or not contracept, whether to live according to a faith tradition or to live according to whim or self-selected moral values, whether to work or not to work, whether to live a vocation or not live a vocation… . The woman makes lots of decisions for herself.

          When she conceives a baby (yes, within her uterus, the product of her eggs, and the result of her choice to have sex) – the very moment that an xx or an xy is formed… that being has it’s own unique DNA. Protecting, valuing, and honoring that life – is the responsibility and duty of the woman, the man, and the society surrounding it.

          The “choice” to flush that life, to dismember it, or otherwise kill it – whether sanctioned by laws or not — is not a “personal decision” revolving solely around the woman’s own being. It is that of her own, the man who helped create the new life, and most especially The TINY HUMAN that is about to lose it’s own being and existence.

          As a woman writing this message, I invite all men to speak in this vital conversation and feel called to protect all life from conception to natural death. You do not need permission.

          Women should be supported. Babies should be protected.

          We need to restore dignity to the power of sex, the honor and hard work of marriage – and why Christianity proclaims the beauty of the natural ORDER of how God Himself suggested we go about our procreative business.

          Abortion simply turns life into a matter of convenience. Unintended pregnancies are inconvenient. Extra embryos in an IVF testtube or womb are an inconvenience. Elderly or ill folks who are in pain and lonely are an inconvenience. Younger people who are physically handicapped and in desperate need of counsel and companionship and support — are an inconvenience. As abortion has become so easy and proclaimed as a “right” — so has this “death with dignity” horror.

          All people have the right to dignity. And life. And to be cared for, comforted, and respected.


          As a man or a woman, you can help the person right next to you at any given moment. Speak the truth about life. Listen. Offer to help. Follow through. Donate. Be honest. Pray.

          God bless us all, developed or tiny.

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