Hey, Planned Parenthood: THIS is How To ‘#ShoutYourAbortion!’ Courageous Woman Tells the Hard Truth About Her Abortion


When courageous women tell the hard truth about abortion, it changes hearts and saves lives.

Editor’s Note: We don’t know the woman behind this story, but we have no reason to question her account. We do know that her words echo those of countless women who live with the scars of abortion.

Abortion supporters routinely claim that storytelling will one day break the abortion “stigma.” The group #ShoutYourAbortion, along with America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, urges women to share their positive abortion stories (with help, of course, from the media).

At the same time, women who are tormented by their abortions – and thousands of them exist – are censored.

But one woman is breaking that silence so “people can see the ugliness.” In response, other women are telling their stories to share abortion’s devastation, and, perhaps, save lives.

On Tuesday, a woman named Mel shared her heartbreaking abortion story on social media after one Twitter user dared her to “name one life ruined by abortion.” “You can’t,” he challenged her, “because electively aborted fetuses don’t have names.”

But she did exactly that – by pointing to herself as a person “ruined by abortion.”

“I’m going to do a personal rant today, that may shock … but I think it needs to be done,” Mel began. “I hope you read it in the spirit I write it.”

When she was 16-years-old, she visited a Planned Parenthood clinic with a friend to take a pregnancy test. When she discovered she was expecting, she insisted “I’m keeping it.” After all, she “loved the father.” They were like Romeo and Juliet, she remembers thinking.

After the nurse dismissed her because the clinic didn’t offer prenatal care, she turned to her 20-year-old boyfriend for support. “He screams in the phone ‘F—, get rid of it,’” she remembers. “Your parents already threatened me with statutory rape charges. This is proof.”

She was “stunned, but defiant.” She told herself, “This is my baby. I can do this. I’m already in love with it. I’ll find away [sic].”

But the turning point came when her parents turned their backs on her too. Her mother, also once a pregnant teen, and her father, worried about a “mixed baby” stuck in foster care, kicked her out of the house. “You keep the baby, you’re out of this house,” she recalled her mother saying. “In fact, get the f— out now.’

Even so, Mel repeated, “I already love the baby growing inside of me.” But because she felt like she had no other choice, she returned home and allowed her mother to schedule a hospital abortion.

At eight weeks pregnant, she stressed that the abortion left her “more violated than when I was raped 2 years earlier.” In the middle of it, she began sobbing “No,” while thinking “This vacuum Is killing. It’s sucking the life out of me. I’m killing my baby.”

Afterwards, the hospital nurse told her to “shut up.” But her aunt, who worked at the hospital, came and held her. “To this day, she’s the only liberal family member who is pro-life” Mel added. “I have always wondered if that was the moment for her.”

Now, each year on June 8th, her baby’s due date, she remembers.One is dead. Because I was given a ‘choice,’” she concluded. “I love you little one, I always will.”

Twitter Users Respond with their Own Heartbreaking Abortion Stories

On social media, Mel’s story sparked an emotional response. Encouraged by her, other women began sharing their own tear-filled stories.

“Many people can’t believe that we still carry this pain and guilt, but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone,” one Twitter user wrote. “Hugs.”

“I too am missing a child. I was 16 as well,” another named Tracy shared. “My parents said they’d support whatever decision I made, but they were nudging me toward greatest regret of my life. If I could go back & change things, I’d do it.”

Another mother admitted, “27 years later, I still cry on October 4th. My choice was taken away.”

“I chose abortion at 18. Lived in blissful ignorance for 10 yrs,” one woman named Leah added. “The MOMENT I held my daughter in my arms, I finally understood ‘sanctity of life’. … The pain never goes away.”

Jennifer, another user on Twitter, remembered her mother’s abortion story. “I found her crying one day; she told me baby would’ve been due that day,” she recalled. “A girl, the sister I’d always wanted. We cried together.”

Men also chimed in.

“My (then) partner had one. I went along with her decision because I thought that’s what men were supposed to do,” a man named Brad said. “But it really f—ed me up.”

One user stressed, “I mourn with you and I mourn for my own child,” while another lamented that he was “robbed of fatherhood.”

“My wife has a story that relates. I remember the guilt being the most difficult part get free of,” another chimed in.

Even doctors entered the conversation.

“I was a 1st year OB/GYN resident assigned to assist with a 24 wk saline abortion. The baby, the size of a hand, was born alive,” one Twitter user testified. “She was placed in a steel kick bucket. We were forbidden to touch her. She gasped ineffectively for air for a min. or 2 before she died.”

“I told my program that they could expel me but I would not participate in abortions again and I never have,” she concluded. “That baby haunts me to this day.”

Full Transcript of Mel’s Story

The full transcript of her Twitter story is well worth reading [condensed into paragraphs and bolded for emphasis]:

My friend and I walk into the clinic. It looks like a regular clinic. The lady asks us at the desk what we want. Pregnancy tests, we both say at the same time. We both pay our $10, because PP is not cheap. Both of ours are positive. We both knew it. I know I’m about 3-4 weeks along.

My friend is crying. I’m not. I love the father. We’re like Romeo/Juliet. He’s 20 and I’m 16. My parents have kept us apart, now they can’t. The nurse asks me first what I plan to do. I puff out my chest and say ‘I’m keeping it.’ Do you have prenatal care. The nurse states no. Unless I want an abortion, they have no other services for me. She turns to my friend who’s still crying and says I want an abortion. The nurse says to me ‘there’s nothing else to be done, so you can leave.’ My friend allows me to stay. I sit for an 1 ½ hours [sic]while nurse spends 5 minutes going thru procedure and &rest trying to brainstorm w/my friend how she will $400

I rush home, I call the ‘man’ who loves me. I say ‘we’re pregnant.’ We can be together. He screams in the phone ‘F—, get rid of it.’ Your parents already threatened me with statutory rape charges. This is proof. ‘I don’t want it, and we’re done.’ I’m stunned, but defiant. This is my baby. I can do this. I’m already in love with it. I’ll find away.

I know that I need to tell my parents imm to get them on board to support me, so that night I sit them down. My father is oddly quiet. My mother is not. ‘I was pregnant at 15, I can’t have a 16 year old pregnant daughter. God, how could you embarrass me. ‘Mom no, I’m keeping it.’ My mother says ‘you’re an immature slut, you’re not even half as mature as I was at your age.’ My mom has a way of cutting me down to size, and she’s right. I’m immature. I thought he loved me, but I already love the baby growing inside of me. She/He is due June 8th.

Me: Then I’ll give the baby up for adoption. My liberal dad snorts snorts [sic]‘nobody wants a mixed baby. Your baby will languish in foster care. Is that what you want?’ My mother screeches ‘You’re out. You keep the baby, you’re out of this house. In fact, get the f— out now.’ I leave the home in the dark and wander the street for hours. How the hell am I going to do this? I have no place to go. I’m sitting on a swing in the playground telling myself how stupid I am

I wander into the house around 2:00 a.m My mother is sitting up. ‘I guess because you’re back it means you’ll do what I say.’ My mother’s demeanor changes. She’s almost giddy. I feel physically ill. Oh honey, don’t worry. You won’t have to go to that nasty planned parenthood. We’ll get a doctor to do it at the hospital.

At about 5 weeks pregnant, I see a doctor. He’s cold. He doesn’t explain the procedure other than to say that my parents paid for me to be under twilight. I’ll still be aware, but I won’t care The procedure will be simple and quick, he assures me. They do an ultrasound to date the pregnancy, which is turned away from my face, and schedule my abortion for 3 weeks later.

3 weeks later I am prepped for surgery I am brought into a surgical room and given a pill. The pill makes everything hazy and unreal. My feet are in the stirrups and my mind is racing over all that’s happen. Then I hear it. It sounds like an evil vacuum. And I feel the pressure. My mind screams ‘NO’ and then I start to scream ‘No, No, No, No, No, No’ This isn’t right. This isn’t right. This vacuum Is killing. It’s sucking the life out of me. I’m killing my baby. ‘No’ I’m sobbing

The doctor tells me to quiet down, it will be over soon. I don’t. I can’t. I’m killing someone. Not anyone, but MINE Again, he assures me it will be over soon. Little did I know, the nightmare for me would never be over. The vacuum continues. I feel violated, more violated than when I was raped 2 years earlier. It’s finally over.

They wheel me out to the recovery room. I’m hysterically sobbing ‘my baby, my baby, my baby’ I know I’m loud A nurse comes in and get in my face. ‘shut up, she says; you’re disturbing the other patients.’ Apparently I don’t deserve the respect of a patient, and I agree. I’m scum. I’m a murderer.

They won’t let anybody back there, but my aunt who works at the hospital sneaks back. She sees my state and holds me while I cry. To this day, she’s the only liberal family member who is pro-life. I have always wondered if that was the moment for her. They let me get dressed, I’m bleeding and cramping and it’s horrible. They give me some meds. I go home and I’m still sobbing although hysteria has tempered. I wander into the house around 2:00 a.m. I lay down in the bed & let my mother hug me. The woman who gave me life, but wouldn’t let me.

You were just a kid people tell me. I wasn’t though, the moment I became pregnant, I was a mom. And mom’s protect their children no matter what. I failed. Every June 8th, [sic]I’m reminded. I was reminded every time I heard my kids heartbeat, or even their laughter, that one is missing. One is dead. Because I was given a ‘choice.’ I love you little one, I always will.

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  1. Hopefully, this post doesn’t come across as unsympathetic or “mean” or whatever word one may choose to describe it, but here goes.

    While these stories are sad, and these folks may be sorrowful or guilt-ridden, every single person who seeks an abortion or participates in one in any way already knew the “hard truth” about it beforehand.

    The “hard truth” about abortion is that two living humans enter the abortionist’s office, and only one leaves. That’s it. That’s all there is, and that’s why people seek one. Period.

    • It is a “hard truth”, but a young woman, scared, immature, and pressured is hardly in any shape to be discerning the “hard truth.” How could she be expected to understand life’s consequences at that young age? Yes, some young girls might be able to see things in black and white, but having been a young girl, raised a girl, and taught many girls, I know they rely on their adults to lead them. Unfortunately, many adults have a hard time believing there is Truth in this life.

  2. No, you come across as arrogant and self-righteous. You do not realize the depth of the deception involved. Most, especially emotionally distraught and abandoned young women, don’t realize the “hard truth” until after the fact. As this “sad story” (a young women’s actual reality) describes most women are left to fend for themselves and their support systems vanish (both parents, boyfriend) when they are needed the most. So while she may have wanted this child at 16 (probably not even driving at this point) where was the help she needed to make it all work? And hopefully your sins are never put on display to be judged by others. It may not be pretty. The “hard truth” is that sin is sin. Her sins, as well as those around her they made it all happen, are no worse than yours. Period.

    • I didn’t do anything abut make an observation. The woman in question willfully ignored her support system (her parents). She says so in the narrative.

      • “The woman in question” was NOT a woman. She was a 16 year old girl with no job, no education, no place to live, and no way to support herself and a baby. Can you not even imagine a tiny bit of her terror?? At 16 you usually have no choice but to rely on your parents! How would YOU have handled this as a 16 year old girl? Your “observation was “mean” and “unsympathetic”. This woman was sharing a horrible part of her life in order to maybe stop someone else from making the same mistake. She is BRAVE and GOOD and does not deserve your hurtful observation.

      • Your “observation” is not helpful. Did you read the entire article? Her “support system” was NOT very supportive.
        We are all sinners in need of God’s mercy. You and I, too. Her honest, painful letter will save countless lives by helping other girls not go through the misery she went through. And for that I’m grateful. Instead of continuing to uselessly criticize, how about we agree to pray for her?

        • Yes, I read the whole thing. While doing so, I read that the parents apparently did not approve of the 16 year old dating the 20 year old-to such point that the boyfriend made the statement that the parents had made the threat or turning him in for statutory rape.

          She kept seeing him-thus “willfully ignored”.

          Yeah, they booted her-not good, but the context of the article clearly indicates that their position wasn’t a 180 from previous.

          • Ram, you’re not helping. You’re just trying to justify yourself at the expense of another person. Yes, abortion is murder. You’re right. But careless words are violent in their own way. Is your goal to demonize the grieving and guilty? What’s your point? She already knows what she did. Your accusation does nothing but reveal your callousness toward your neighbor.

          • Mark-

            If you wish to regard a person who procures an abortion as a victim, this is your prerogative.

            I leveled no accusation, rather simply pointed out facets of the story that others wish away because the woman now feels bad.

  3. Parents & grandparents of the unborn child need to love as God loves!

    My daughter was a star soccer player and was with child at age 15. During the beginning of her high school soccer season she realized she was pregnant. At first we were extremely disappointed but that faded away as the realization that God had answered our prayers for conversion of our child who was too self-absorbed. Being a faithful mother puts an end to focusing on oneself.
    Her private school was surprisingly very supported and allowed her to FaceTime until she was ready to return to school when baby was about 4 weeks old. We were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter. Her older siblings, family, and soccer moms pitched in to help babysit so she could finished school.

    Our family is proof– God will never give you a trial without the grace to endure it. With faith in Jesus and loads of prayers–receiving Jesus in the Eucharist at daily Mass, praying the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet daily with the intercession of Mama Mary in union with St. Joseph and all the angels and saints, anything is possible. All you have to do is pray, hope and don’t worry. Totus tuus! If you put all you trust in God, He will take care of your daily bread. The Lord’s Prayer validates that. Pray it reverently often. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We often tell our grandchildren, “I need a Jesus hug” and they come running into our arms. They are full of grace–so innocent so pure. Life is all about loving those God sends your way. Grandchildren are pure gift from God no matter what the circumstances.

  4. Larry Mehlbauer on

    There IS an answer. It is that there is no intrinsically evil act, no sin, that is greater than God’s forgiveness. All one has to do is ask Him for forgiveness, with of course, as Jesus said, a firm purpose of amendment; or “Go, and sin no more.” I cannot believe how many people believe that theirs is the power to condemn or forgive. That power belongs to God alone.

    • John 7:24, among many other places in the Holy Scriptures, as well as how YAHWEH EL ELOHIM made the human body, everything in the cosmos, and all of the legal systems that derive from His Word, all say that humans DO possess the right to judge people and situation and, moreover, YAHWEH EL ELOHIM expects us to judge them righteously in our lives, so cease with your wicked false teaching on “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” because, as the Holy Scriptures also say, “You do make an error, not knowing the Holy Scriptures.”

        • mm
          Stephen Herreid on

          I think Larry put it pretty well, but you also make an important point, Pax Humana. Very important in fact, because it’s a central truth of our faith that is heavily under attack today.

          Larry did not mention “judging,” but “condemning.” I think that’s in keeping with what Our Lord meant when He said “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” He did not mean “Do not judge evil to be evil.” He meant “Do not presume to know the final fate of a man’s soul by proclaiming him damned.”

          But Pax Humana’s point stands. Jesus did not *only* say “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” He also said things that affirm our right and duty to judge, such as the following.

          “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24) Here, Our Lord actually *commands* us to judge.

          Thanks for all the great comments here at CatholicVote!

          Stephen Herreid, Managine Editor Online

  5. Larry Mehlbauer on

    P.S. I agree with CA. The answer is to pray to God, to Mary, say the rosary and/or the Divine Mercy chaplet, and to favorite saints, and God will help in some way. He gives no trial greater than the grace He gives to overcome it.

  6. My heart goes out to this woman. I know how agonizing are the selfish decisions we make once we understand what we have done. They haunt us almost every day for the rest of our lives. I don’t know how to forgive myself for my own selfishness (it has nothing to do with abortion), but I deeply want this woman to forgive HERself. She has paid all the price she needs to pay. God bless her, and may her story spread far and wide.

  7. I am adamently pro-life, married, and trying to conceive, yet I nearly had an abortion this year.
    I had been married only a month when I got a positive pregnancy test. We had just moved cross country, I had no church, friends, or family here. I told my husband to mute the TV: I’m pregnant. Before the end of the commercial break he said he was leaving, and started to pack. He said he was depressed, regretted getting married, and a pregnancy was too much stress. I think I would have been overjoyed to be a new mom if his response had been even lukewarm, but when he said he was leaving I panicked. I cried for two days straight and scheduled an abortion. I knew it was murder, but I was too scared and overwhelmed to care. Facing a pregnancy alone is so terrifying. It’s a panic you can’t understand until you’re in it. It robs you of all logic and compassion.
    I miscarried naturally days before my appointment.
    My heart goes out to other women in the place I was. I thank God for using this as an opportunity to build up our marriage, we are working on it. I hope my angel baby can forgive me.

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