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Carly Hoilman is a columnist at CatholicVote.org, and a freelance culture writer and editor based in the greater Philadelphia area. She is a wife, mother, Catholic convert, and alumna of The King's College in New York City. You can find her writings at CatholicVote, TheBlaze, Conservative Review, and Faithwire. Follow her work on Twitter @carlyhoilman.


  1. Poland is about 95% Catholic… which helps. The President participates in major religious celebrations, having entrusted his office to Our Lady whose shrine in Czestochowa he visited the day after his election to do so… By the way, that church looks like the one my family attended when I was young… fond memories…

  2. Point of fact – the fascist (not just neo-fascist) party in power in Hungary just recently reversed its prior “no Sunday shopping” laws because of its unpopularity and affect on the economy. Point of interest – What, exactly, is the link that demonstrates causation between more open borders “spelled” destruction and what, exactly, is that destruction?

  3. I forgot to mention that you left out the very substantial contingent of nazi sympathizers in the so called “Independence March” chanting “Jews out of Poland” and calling for a white-only Europe. IF this is anyone’s idea of cultural “preservation,” it is so only in its sickest form.

  4. Poland is a country where last month fascists were able to get 60,000 people into the streets to call for a white Europe. It is an awful example for the Catholic world.

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