Hugo Chavez, ¡El Presidente para siempre!… oh wait, I meant Barack Obama.

Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez

¡Amigos para siempre! (Means you'll always be my friend.)

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As predictable as Michelle Bachmann introducing a complete Obamacare repeal, über-liberal representative José Serrano of New York introduced a repeal of the 22nd Amendment, the one that instituted presidential term limits.

Now, to be sure, as SooperMexican notes, Serrano’s repeal has less chance of passing than Bachmann’s, which has none in the current Congress, because a constitutional amendment needs two-thirds of the House and the Senate plus ratification from three quarters of the states—thirty-eight of them. Bachmann’s measure, however, would merely need majorities in both houses plus the president’s signature or an override of his veto. Bachmann’s repeal could get a majority in the House before it dies in the Senate. Serrano’s repeal of the 22nd Amendment would be hard-pressed to get the necessary 67 senators, if it got there. It won’t: it’ll die in committee in the House, like it did in 2011.

So neither is mathematically possible at this point.

But one would be good for America. The other would allow Barack Obama to run for president again and again.

But if we’re looking for amendments relating to term limits, let’s limit terms for senators and representatives as well.

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