Identical Twins Ordained in Michigan


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On Saturday, identical twins Gary and Todd Koenigsknecht of Fowler, Michigan, were ordained to the priesthood for the Diocese of Lansing.

The two brothers (now Fathers!) grew up on a farm, with lots of hard work, prayer, and family time.

Todd is the fourth and Gary the fifth of 10 children born to Agnes and Brian Koenigsknecht. They grew up attending Most Holy Trinity Church in Fowler and attended Catholic schools through eighth grade.

The brothers put in many hours tilling, planting, shoveling manure and milking cows on the farm, where the family cultivates 200 acres and has 100 milk cows.

Sometimes, they would work side by side with their uncle, the Rev. William Koenigsknecht.

Now a senior priest in the Lansing Diocese, he has served at a number of Lansing parishes, including Church of the Resurrection in Lansing.

He would often take Wednesday off from his priestly duties to feed cattle or harvest crops with his brother’s family.

The brothers grew up without a TV and with their parents modeling hard work and prayer. They also encouraged all of their children to become involved at church.

“The farm is a good context for family life,” Todd said.

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