In the Eyes of the Church, You Are So Much More than Just ‘Gay’


An interview with Daniel Mattson, author of Why I don’t Call Myself Gay, from Episode 29 of the Stephen Herreid Show!


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  1. I don’t know of anyone who identifies as “only” as gay. It is perfectly possible to be a child of God and gay, along with any number of other things. Nor does being LGBT require any behavior, what-so-ever. I know of at least two priests who are gay but remain celibate. Sexual orientation is a core characteristic of who we are – contrary to what some older men who remain conflicted about who they are might say. If you really want to refute the medical view of what sexual orientation is, that it is a part of who people are and not some mere “attraction,” you need to find mainstream medical support for your views. From what we know now, the conclusion you want to reach is medically unsupportable.

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