#KillingAfrica: This Petition Could Defund the World’s Biggest Abortion Provider


What if I told you there’s an organization like Planned Parenthood, but worse? And just like Planned Parenthood, it’s funded by your tax dollars.

After Nigerian pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha released a video exposé about Marie Stopes International on January 8th (watch it here: “Killing Africa”), the hashtag #KillingAfrica is making its rounds Twitter, and a petition has been released through CitizenGo in partnership with Ekeocha’s organization Culture of Life Africa.


“Taxpayers in many Western countries are outraged to discover that their tax dollars are paying for illegal abortions in Africa,” Josh Craddock told me on Friday. Craddock is a former NGO representative to the UN and Campaigns Manager for CitizenGO.

“This petition lets Western development programs know that we will not tolerate funding for Marie Stopes International,” he said.

As I wrote last week at The Stream:

….Obianuju Ekeocha shows that Planned Parenthood is not the only ethical problem pro-life American taxpayers face.

Ekeocha … interviewed a former employee of Marie Stopes International (MSI). The whistleblower testifies that countless illegal abortions were performed at an MSI center in Uganda, a country where abortion is banned. She also reports underage clients, the desecration of human remains, and the deliberate deception of [The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a U.S.-taxpayer-funded donor to MSI].

A growing number of Americans want to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding. The public is increasingly aware of the “eugenic” racism of the abortion giant’s foundress, Margaret Sanger. In addition, exposés by whistleblowers like David Daleiden and Lila Rose have revealed the organization’s proclivity for grossly unethical and even illegal practices.

Much like Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International was founded by a radical eugenicist who saw abortion as a means of limiting the “breeding” of “low-grade race[s]” to ensure that the future would belong to “superior” whites. Today, again not unlike Planned Parenthood, MSI is accepted as a mainstream, international provider of “reproductive health” and “family planning” services, and even receives U.K. and U.S. taxpayer funding.

The heart of Obianuju Ekeocha’s exposé video is an interview with former MSI Center manager Desire Kirabo. Her testimony is harrowing, and will be sure to outrage the public in just the same way David Daleiden’s now-famous Planned Parenthood videos did.

Kirabo says that most of her MSI center’s clients were abortion clients, that they were given abortions quickly and not offered any other options, and that most of the abortion victims were young girls, “sometimes” even underage.

These poor girls were brought into a room which Kirabo simply calls “the abortion room.” The abortions were not even performed by a doctor, but by a medical assistant. “They use manual vacuum aspiration,” Kirabo told Ekeocha. “It’s a very painful procedure …[The girls] cry, they scream out loud.” The MSI staff kept a radio in the room, and they would turn it up to a high volume to drown out the girls’ screams.

Again, abortions are illegal in Uganda.

What you can do:

Unlike Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International does not have massive mainstream support in America. This petition could be an opportunity for pro-life American taxpayers to slay a dragon even larger than Planned Parenthood: Marie Stopes International.

Sign the petition here to let the Unites States Agency for International Development know that we stand against their funding of Marie Stopes International.

“After all,” Josh Craddock told me, “what they do is not ‘development.’ The people of Africa overwhelmingly oppose abortion and resent the imposition of MSI’s eugenic agenda.”

So should we all.

Follow and use the hashtag #KillingAfrica on social media.

Again, to sign the petition, click here.

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