Listen to Your Heart, Not Hollywood: A Lesson From Kylie Jenner


If you’re looking for further proof that right morality is written on the heart of every person, look no further than Kylie Jenner.

Last fall, celebrity news outlets buzzed with rumors that Jenner, of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fame, was pregnant with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott’s child. Since the news of Kylie’s pregnancy broke, the reality TV star-turned-makeup maven-turned mother has found herself at the center of a much-needed conversation surrounding Hollywood’s radical abortion politics.

Like most people, Kylie Jenner probably never thought too deeply about her personal views on life, pregnancy, or abortion until these issues affected her directly. While fans and tabloids voiced their support and disapproval of her decision to keep her child, the 20-year-old kept fairly quiet during the months leading up to her daughter Stormi’s birth in February.

Since then, however, the young mom has shed a very pro-life light on her pregnancy and birth experience. Earlier this week, Jenner engaged fans on Twitter, answering some of their questions about the life-changing event she’d successfully kept secret for so long. The new mom shared a number of previously unknown details, from who she told first, to pregnancy cravings, to the birthing process itself.

“Were you afraid of giving birth?” one Twitter user asked. “I’m just a year older than you and this is my number 1 fear about having a baby.”

“I wasn’t afraid! & you shouldn’t be either,” Jenner replied. “We were made for this.”

This wasn’t the first time Jenner has spoken out about life with Stormi. Days after her daughter’s February 1 birth, she penned a note to her fans, explaining why she chose to keep this major season of her life private. In the note, she describes having a child as “the most beautiful, empowering, and life changing experience” she ever had.

“I’ve never felt love and happiness like this,” she wrote. “I could burst.”

Around the same time, Jenner posted a video titled, “To Our Daughter,” on her YouTube account. The 11-minute video, narrated by Jenner’s friends, begins with footage from the day Jenner was born and goes on to document her own pregnancy. It includes clips from her 15-week ultrasound, where Jenner and Scott counted their daughter’s toes and listened to her heartbeat.

The video is unmistakably pro-life:

While other members of the Kardashian clan have voiced their support for Planned Parenthood, Kylie’s actions and comments surrounding the birth of Stormi stand in bold, beautiful contrast to Hollywood norms. Such actions haven’t gone unnoticed, or unpunished.

Back in September, when the rumors of Jenner’s pregnancy began to surface, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton infamously suggested that the then-19-year-old abort her unborn child. Citing Jenner’s age and her family’s poor reputation when it comes to romantic relationships, Hilton reasoned that the child would be better off not being born than having Jenner as a mom.

To their credit, many pro-choice liberals agreed that the comments went too far. But Hilton’s sentiment certainly couldn’t be considered taboo; it’s perfectly consistent with the mainstream, abortion-on-demand progressivism of Hollywood elites.

The Kardashian-Jenner family has become synonymous with Hollywood standards of promiscuity, vanity, and materialism. This has gained them tremendous success and popularity, and Kylie Jenner’s story proves that breaking away from these values, even slightly, can yield nasty consequences.

Jenner’s positive take on motherhood highlights the tension between the pro-abortion camp’s “clump of cells” narrative and the reality of life’s beauty. Her story shows that you don’t have to ascribe to an explicitly conservative or Judeo-Christian worldview to bear witness and be transformed by eternal truths.

I don’t agree with most of Kylie Jenner’s life decisions, but I couldn’t be more pleased with her decision to choose life, and to listen to her own heart instead of Hollywood, despite the potential backlash.

In a day and age where columnists for nationally circulated news outlets are trying to make eugenics great again by advocating infanticide based on IQ, Jenner’s reflections on motherhood stand out as refreshingly logical, intuitive, and courageous.

The pro-life movement should embrace Kylie Jenner and anyone else who refuses to march in lock-step with a culture that is hostile to truth, love, and life.

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