LOOP: 16 Democrats say they won’t vote for Pelosi




PELOSI IN TROUBLE?   Nancy Pelosi’s bid to regain the Speaker’s gavel hit a bump as 16 Democrats wrote a letter promising not to support her election to Speaker. An additional 3 Democrats have publicly promised not to support her, but didn’t sign the letter. The position of Speaker is voted on by all Members of the House. READ
GUNMAN AT CATHOLIC STORE  A gunman fatally shot a woman and sexually assaulted another at a Catholic Supply store in West Saint Louis, Missouri. “Our hearts go out to the victims of this horrific tragedy at Catholic Supply,” Archbishop Robert Carlson said. READ
MUELLER INVESTIGATION  President Trump said he will present his written responses to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller next week. “They’re all done,” Trump told reporters.  READ
MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE?  For several years, liberals didn’t consider Donald Trump a serious political adversary because of his frequent mistakes. But conservatives are now making the same mistake by dunking on every gaffe by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY. “Conservatives are doing themselves no favors here. They’re underestimating her. Liberals lowered their guard when Trump ran for president because his gaffes were so frequently mocked that few of his political opponents saw him as a legitimate threat to power,” writes Siraj Hashmi.  READ
SOCIAL MEDIA MOB  A Chipotle manager was fired after an online video suggested that she didn’t want to serve black customers. The video went viral and the manager was fired. But an investigation revealed that the customers in question had ordered workers at the restaurant to make food several times and then refused to pay for the food. Chipotle offered the manager her job back.  READ
MEDIA PROMOTES “DRAG KID”  Good Morning America did an interview segment with an 11-year-old self-described “androgynous drag kid.” Pro-family activists denounced the segment as creepy. Chad Felix Greene, who has same-sex attractions, has denounced the LGBT movement for sexualizing children, which he called “abuse.”  READ
CATHEDRAL ATTACK  At least 42 people were killed at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in the city of Alindao, in the Central African Republic. The country has suffered considerable violence since 2012 when several bands of Muslim rebel groups forced an alliance and seized power. READ
LIMITS ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY  The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education has decided to allow Thomas Aquinas College to open a branch campus in Northfield, Massachusetts on the condition that the college only admit Catholic students. If the campus allowed non-Catholic students, the school would lose its religious-liberty exemption from state religion on contraceptive coverage.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, a Sister of the Society of the Sacred Heart and French by birth, was an early missionary to the United States. There she and her sisters faced formidable difficulties, but finally settled in Missouri and built the first free school west of the Mississippi in the town of St. Charles. READ
DAILY READINGS  “I will seat the victor beside me on my throne.” (Ps 15:2)  READ
INTERESTING  14 giant sculptures called “The Miraculous Journey” showing a baby in the womb from conception to birth have finally found a new home at a hospital in Qatar. The sculptures, which were first unveiled in 2013, end with a 46-foot newborn baby boy.  WATCH

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