LOOP: 16 states sue Trump over border order

LAWSUIT OVER TRUMP ORDER   16 states, lead by California, have filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration to fund a wall on the southern border.  READ 
POSSIBLE U.N. PICK   Four leading names emerge for possible nomination for U.N. Ambassador. READ 
TRUMP SLAMS SOCIALISM   “The days of socialism and communism are numbered, not only in Venezuela, but in Nicaragua and Cuba as well,” President Trump told a crowd gathered in Miami. “Socialism by its very nature does not respect borders. It does not respect the boundaries or the sovereign rights of its citizens or its neighbors. It’s always seeking to expand, to encroach, and subjugate others to its will.”  READ 
EDUCATION CHOICE   Florida’s school choice program is so popular that the wait list has 13,000 families on it. Now Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to ensure that all these families have the opportunity to enter the school of their choice. “We have parents who are lining up for a tax credit scholarship. They would not do that if the program was not succeeding,” said DeSantis.    READ 
NOT THE FIRST HOAX   The Jussie Smollett case is not the first time there’s been a hoax racist attack. In fact, it’s just the latest in the long line of such incidents.  READ 
SMOLLETT CASE  Jussie Smollett’s case about an alleged attack could be headed to a grand jury, if the actor doesn’t cooperate with a second interview with the Chicago Police Department.  READ 
FAIRNESS IN SPORTS   Former tennis star Martina Navratilova was hounded recently when she said female athletes shouldn’t have to compete against men who transition to female. But she then promised to say no more until she researched the issue. “Well, I’ve now done that and, if anything, my views have strengthened,” she wrote in the London Sunday Times.  READ 
VATICAN ABUSE SUMMIT   Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago and Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta told reporters that the Vatican abuse summit will not focus on vulnerable adults or seminarians, nor on the role of homosexuality. READ 
AMERICAN WOMEN SPEAK UP   The Catholic Women’s Forum surveyed 5,038 women in the United States to get their perspectives on how to handle the sex abuse crisis in the Church. The presented their findings in a letter to Pope Francis.”  READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Conrad offers a different slant of holiness. Married, he and his wife opted to live separate lives─she as a Poor Clare and he as a Franciscan hermit. All this after he set a fire which was spread by the wind and destroyed the nearby fields, forests, and town.  READ 
DAILY READINGS  “The Lord will bless his people with peace.” (Ps 29:1)  READ
HISTORY  World War II veteran George Mendonsa has died at the aage of 95. He is best known as the kissing sailor in the iconic photo taken in Times Square. But few know his story.   WATCH

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