LOOP: 200 Christians murdered in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA At least 200 Christians were murdered as bombs exploded at several churches on the island of Sri Lanka. The Easter day attacks brought international outrage, as well as calls for prayer. “These attacks demonstrate the brutal nature of terrorists whose sole aim is to threaten peace & security,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “We offer our deepest condolences and stand with the government & people of Sri Lanka.”  READ
CATHOLIC ADOPTION IN DANGER? Catholic adoption agencies might have to close down because of Michigan’s attorney general.  READ
FAITH IN PUBLIC  The DC Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a requirement by the House of Representatives that it start every day in session with a religious prayer. An atheist group tried to force the House chaplain to allow a secular invocation.  READ 
MEDIA ETHICS An NBC camera crew ambushed special counsel Robert Mueller as he and his wife were leaving Easter church services.  READ 
LATINA MAMA VS. MAYOR PETE  Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg claims that many people are “polite to you in person” but advance policies “that harm you and your family.” He made the comments after attacking Vice President Mike Pence for several days. But Ana Samuel said it is Mayor Pete who is forcing his “sexual ideology on me and my children.”  READ 
CULTURE OF LIFE “I was born at 29 weeks. That’s why I’m pro-life,” writes Zachary Mettler.  READ 
NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL  The Crown of Thorns came to the Paris cathedral from Constantinople through the efforts of St. Louis IX.  READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Adalbert of Prague received his name from his mentor, Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg. Ordained a bishop early in life, Adalbert of Prague became a faithful defender and preacher of the faith. In return for his faithfulness Saint Adalbert received criticism, exile, and martyrdom.  READ 
DAILY READINGS  “Keep me safe, O God; you are my hope.” (Ps 16:1) READ 
ART  The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Tomb on the Morning of the Resurrection by Eugène Burnand SHARE 

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