LOOP: Angry mob topples Confederate statue



CONFEDERATE // The decision to remove a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, was not made by the City Council. The statue was toppled by an angry mob outside the county courthouse. No matter what you think of Confederate statues and displays, we have every reason to fear a break down of the rule of law and mob rule. VIDEO: http://cvote.it/2vDn7G1

CONFEDERATE // Roger Wicker, a U.S. Senator from Mississippi, says his state’s flag should be relegated to a museum and replaced with a more unifying state flag. Mississippi has the Confederate battle flag in the upper left corner of its state flag. http://cvote.it/2vDnEYu

CHARLOTTESVILLE // President Trump had received considerable criticism for not explicitly condemning neo-Nazis and white supremacists by name. So yesterday he made it crystal clear by calling them out by name. And yet, members of the media still found reason to criticize the president. CNBC’s John Harwood called it the “bare minimum” and Politico’s Roger Simon called it a “nothing-burger statement.” http://cvote.it/2vDsRja   

CHARLOTTESVILLE // Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe claims that Virginia State Police were “outgunned” in Charlottesville. But it turns out, the governor (and longtime Clinton confidante) was lying. “No, the State Police did not have inferior equipment,” said a spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police. http://cvote.it/2vDHjYB

WHITE HOUSE // Rumors are swirling that White House Senior Adviser Steve Bannon, former publisher at Breitbart, is in trouble of getting fired from the Trump administration. But members of the House Freedom Caucus are rallying to his cause because of his anti-globalist views. http://cvote.it/2vDmQmm

MEDIA // While ABC usually devalues human life, it was nice to see this cute pregnancy announcement from Good Morning America’s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee. http://cvote.it/2vDx8D6

CATHOLIC // The Knights of Columbus answers questions about the new Fourth Degree Uniform. And yes, they’ll have the sword. http://cvote.it/2vDwg1i

CATHOLIC // Belgian charity board member appears willing to defy Pope Francis’ anti-euthanasia order. http://cvote.it/2vDvu4o

CATHOLIC // A commission investigating sex abuse in the Catholic Church has called for legislation in Australia to criminalize priests who fail to break the seal of the confessional. http://cvote.it/2vDWUHs

SAINT // The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS // “The queen stands at your right hand, arrayed in gold.” (Ps 45:10) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

TRUTH // Here’s an explanation and defense of the Catholic dogma on the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, (which is a Holy Day of Obligation!) http://cvote.it/2vDAaHH


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  1. Ryan Schroeder on

    Wait, you’re actually surprised that someone who referred to Mexicans as murders and rapists, refugees as animals and Muslims as universally hating Americans is considered racist after not responding to a white supremacist/Nazi rally and murder resulting from it? Are you living in a cave?

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