LOOP: Attorney general begins the counter-investigation

AG ORDERS INVESTIGATIONAttorney General William Barr appointed John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut to conduct an inquiry on the origins of the Russian investigation and to check the legality of the FBI’s surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.  READ
DOW DROPS 617 POINTS  Fear of a trade war with China sent the stock market downward after China announced plans to raise tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. imports. READ
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY In recent years, the Supreme Court has decided many cases in favor of religious liberty. But yesterday, the high court decided not to hear a case involving a religious school that claimed an Ohio city used zoning laws to prevent them from moving to a larger building in a new location. The decision lets stand a lower court ruling that sided with the city.  READ
TRUMP & ORBAN President Trump met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the White House. “He’s done the right thing, according to many people, on immigration,” Trump said. “You look at some of the problems they have in Europe that are tremendous because they have done it a different way than [Orbán].”  READ 
ANTI-RELIGIOUS? Vice President Mike Pence told graduates at Liberty University that discrimination against religion has become all too common in the United States. “It’s become acceptable, and even fashionable to ridicule and discriminate against people of faith,” said Pence. “When my wife, Karen, returned to teach art at an elementary Christian school earlier this year, we faced harsh attacks by the media and the secular left.”  READ 
ABORTION IN VERMONT  Vermont lawmakers passed measures to enshrine unrestricted abortion into law for any reason during a pregnancy. READ 
OUT-OF-STATE LICENSING Arizona passed an innovative new law where it will recognize out-of-state occupational licenses. Now a manicurist or home inspector who moves to Arizona won’t have to get re-licensed.  READ 
CORPORATE CRAZINESS Chips Ahoy tweeted out a video of a drag queen on Mother’s Day.  READ 
SRI LANKA The Catholic Church in Sri Lanka held its first public Sunday Masses since terrorists killed more than 250 people on Easter Sunday. Church leaders are considering re-opening up Catholic schools this week. READ 
BURKINA FASO Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims of a recent terrorist attack on a Catholic church in Burkina Faso. At least six people, including a priest, were killed when gunmen burned down a Church building May 12. READ 
CATHOLIC IDENTITY Georgetown Visitation Prep announced that they will publish alumnae same-sex “marriage” announcements. The prestigious all-girls Catholic high school in the nation’s capital is run by the Georgetown Visitation Sisters. In response, Fr. Carter Griffin said: “It is far more comfortable to acquiesce in the wisdom of the age than to courageously rebel against it. And it is not compassionate to approve, even implicitly, sexual behavior that imperils the immortal souls of so many of our brothers and sisters.” READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  The Acts of the Apostles records that Saint Matthias was selected by the early Church to replace Judas Iscariot in the ranks of the apostles. We know little more about him except that he was a witness to Jesus from his baptism to his ascension. READ 
DAILY READINGS  “The Lord will give him a seat with the leaders of his people.” (Ps 113:1)  READ 
DEVOTION  How devotion to Mary should lead us to a deeper love of Eucharistic adoration. “The next time you visit a Catholic Church and see the tabernacle that holds the Blessed Sacrament, think about the Virgin Mary and how she would have beheld her Son in a most pure and loving gaze,” wrote Philip Kosloski.  SHARE 

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