LOOP: Bannon to testify before House panel



BANNON, LEWANDOWSKI TO TESTIFY  Steve Bannon is set to testify today before the House Intelligence Committee’s Russian investigation. Corey Lewandowski is also scheduled to testify this week. “I have nothing to hide. I didn’t collude or cooperate or coordinate with any Russian, Russian agency, Russian government or anybody else, to try and impact this election,” Lewandowski said. http://cvote.it/2DjKcnu

VATICAN HONOR  The Holy See Press Office says that an honor awarded to a Dutch militant pro-abortion politician was in no way meant as a sign of support for her politics, but “responds to the diplomatic practice of the exchange of honors between delegations on the occasion of official visits by Heads of State or Government in the Vatican.” http://cvote.it/2DiUW5t  

BUREAUCRACY  “Trump in just his first year has cut Health and Human Services by 0.5%, Defense by 1.1%, Transportation by 1.4%, Justice by 1.5%, Energy by 2.3%, Commerce by 3.1%, Housing and Urban Development by 3.3%, State by 3.8%, Labor by 4.6% Education by 4.8%, and Treasury by a whopping 7.5%,” writes Michael Knowles. http://cvote.it/2DmtyU8

GOP HAULING IN CASH  2018 is expected to be a difficult election for the GOP. But the campaign committees for the Republican Party are flush with cash. Having lots of campaign money is by no means a guarantee of electoral success, but it’s better than the alternative. http://cvote.it/2DmpGCA

QUOTE OF THE DAY  “We’ve already lost the schools, Hollywood and the mainstream media. What happens when you can’t get out conservative opinion via social media because they block, shadow ban and demonetize everyone who gets any traction?” John Hawkins.  http://cvote.it/2mA39Yx

CATHOLIC EDUCATION  Board member for Georgetown University resigns after wishing sexual assault against a conservative commentator. http://cvote.it/2DmMJxr 

HELP FOR MOMS WHO LOSE A BABY  According to some reports, 1 in 4 pregnancies in the U.S. ends in a miscarriage. One mother’s loss lead her to St. Gianna’s Hope Ministry to serve mothers and families who have also suffered. http://cvote.it/2DhvLjX

PERSECUTED CHURCH  215 million Christians are persecuted across the world. Here’s a look at the 50 worst countries for violence and persecution against Christians. http://cvote.it/2DiR0BF 

SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Berard and Companions – http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS READINGS  “I have found David, my servant.” (Ps 89:21) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings

BEAUTY  Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberriess died unexpectedly at the age of 46. Here she is signing Ave Maria with Pavarotti. http://cvote.it/2mBxPIY


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