LOOP: Controversial priest invited to Vatican family summit



FAMILY SUMMIT  Fr. James Martin, SJ, will give a keynote address at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin this August to discuss ways “parishes can support families who identify as LGBTI+.” Pro-family activist Austin Ruse called the invitation “deeply disappointing.” Ruse said: “He says he does not challenge Church teaching, yet he says homosexuality is not disordered but merely differently ordered… He undermines the great work of groups like Courage and he confuses young men who may be same-sex attracted.”  READ
IMMIGRATION DEAL FORGED  House Republicans have agreed to allow votes on two different immigration bills next week. Both bills would provide legal status for DACA (those who entered the country illegally as minors). The conservative Goodlatte bill would also end the diversity visa program, require employers to use E-Verify, and establish a guest worker program. The moderate bill would not reduce visas and would provide an 8-year path to citizenship for DACA.  READ
IMMIGRATION & ASYLUM   Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that while gang-related attacks and domestic violence are “vile and reprehensible” they don’t automatically ensure that such victims qualify for political asylum in the United States. Sessions said: “For the last five years, only 20% of claims have been found to be meritorious after a hearing before an immigration judge.”  READ
FREE SPEECH ON CAMPUS  The Justice Department says the speech restrictions at the University of Michigan are unconstitutional.  READ
THREE CALIFORNIAS?  A proposal to split California into 3 states will appear on the ballot in November. If approved by voters, it would require Congressional approval. READ
SPORTS BETTING  The Supreme Court has paved the way for states to legalize sports gambling, but some Catholic analysts have suggested caution. READ
FIRING FEDERAL WORKERS  President Trump recently signed three executive orders that made it easier to fire government employees. But here’s the surprise: A slight majority of federal workers support the administration’s efforts. READ
CATHOLIC RESPONSE TO SUICIDE  The Church must deliver a spiritual response to today’s suicide epidemic — one that Pope Benedict XVI delivered beautifully in 2011. “It is good that you exist.”  READ
KOREAN BISHOPS REACT  South Korean Archbishop Kim Hee-Jung of Gwangju called the outcome of the summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “a surprise and a joy.” The South Korean bishops have called for Catholics to pray a novena for North Korea from June 17-25. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  An Augustinian monk who was inspired by the martyrdom of Franciscan missionaries, Saint Anthony of Padua joined the Franciscans hoping to be a missionary. But God had other plans for him. He became one of the outstanding philosopher/theologians of the Order. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “Keep me safe, O God; you are my hope.” (Ps 16:1)  READ
VIRTUE  A baseball pitcher strikes out his friend to advance to the state tournament. But before celebrating victory, the pitcher consoles his friend. WATCH

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