LOOP: Dems attack judicial nominee for Knights of Columbus membership



ANTI-CATHOLIC BIGOTRY  Senate Democrats questioned a judicial nominee for his membership in the Knights of Columbus, an “all male society” which they claim “has taken a number of extreme positions.” Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-HI, asked the nominee if he would quit the Knights if he were confirmed “to avoid any appearance of bias.”  READ
TRUMP BLASTS THE FED   President Trump took aim at the Federal Reserve again for raising interest rates. “They’re raising interest rates too fast because they think the economy is so good. But I think that they will get it pretty soon,” Trump said. Monday was the worst Christmas Eve trading day in the New York Stock Exchange’s history. U.S. stocks have declined sharply in December.  READ
GOVT SHUTDOWN   The partial government shutdown could remain for several more days. President Trump threatened that the shutdown will continue “until we have a wall [or]fence.” The president said he hopes to have over 500 miles of renovated and new border fence by the 2020 election.  READ
PRISON REFORM  President Trump signed the First Step Act into law. The prison reform legislation is geared toward helping integrate prisoners into society after they serve their sentence. READ
WAR ON FAITH   “State officials have issued New Hope Family Services in Syracuse, New York, an ultimatum: Violate your religious beliefs, or stop serving kids in need. Unless the faith-based adoption provider stops placing children only in homes that have a married mother and father, the state has threatened to stop its adoption services immediately,” says Monica Burke.  READ
POPE’S CHRISTMAS MESSAGE   In his annual “Urbi et Orbi” message, Pope Francis calls for peace and brotherhood in response to the world’s conflicts. READ
CATHOLIC TEACHING   Priest apologizes for funeral homily that focused on suicide. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  If it weren’t for Saint Luke telling us about the selection and martyrdom of Saint Stephen in Acts of the Apostles, we would know nothing about him at all. The little we do know, however, speaks volumes about what kind of man he was, his love for Jesus, and the early Church community. READ
DAILY READINGS  “Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit.” (Ps 31:6)  READ
MUSIC  “Silent Night” turns 200 years old. SHARE

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