LOOP: Explosive report details decades of clerical abuse



GRAND JURY REPORT   A report from a grand jury detailed 301 predator priests had victimized at least 1000 victims in 6 of the 8 Catholic dioceses of Pennsylvania. The 18-month investigation covered decades of abuse.  READ
MORAL THEOLOGIAN: “TELL EVERYTHING”   Professor of moral theology Janet Smith says that people must be able to come forward and bring things to light without getting destroyed. “There needs to be a ‘place’ where priests, seminarians, and lay people can report instances of abuse without fear of reprisal. Every bishop needs to tell the priests, the seminarians in his diocese (diocesan and religious), and the lay people, ‘Tell everything. Everything.’ A trusted group of laypeople with the help of law enforcement experts will determine which accusations seem credible and do what investigations need to be done to ensure that they are.”  READ
QUOTE OF THE DAY  “A sad day for all religious Americans. People will treat this as a Catholic issue, but it isn’t just that. All religious Americans rely on the moral authority of the Church. The sex scandals of the aughts weakened Judeo-Christian moral authority; America has never fully recovered,” said Abigail Shrier, on the sex abuse revelations from the PA grand jury report.
ELECTION 2018   The first ‘transgender’ candidate wins a major party nomination for governor in Vermont.  READ
ELECTION 2018  Democrats in Florida are worried that Sen. Bill Nelson is on track to lose reelection because he is not doing well enough with Hispanic voters. READ
ABORTION  Chelsea Clinton praised Roe v. Wade because she claims it added “three and a half trillion dollars to our economy.”  READ
CULTURE  Disney to feature first ‘gay’ character in Jungle Cruise.  READ
MEDIA   The media praised Ireland after the country approved of abortion, but ignored Argentina which decided not to legalize abortion. READ
MEDIA   More than 100 newspaper around the country are set to publish editorials in a coordinated rebuttal of President Trump’s complaints of ‘fake news.’  READ
ECONOMY  Small business optimism is at a 35-year high.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  The dogma of the Assumption of Mary is recent: 1950. But the belief among the faithful that Mary was assumed body and soul into heaven at the time of her death dates to the early Church. Mary is also the summation of all Christians—what happened to her, will happen to us. Thus, she is the testimony of our own resurrection at the end of time.  READ
DAILY READINGS  “How sweet to my taste is your promise.” (Ps 119:103)  READ

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