LOOP: Facebook CEO apologizes for rejecting Catholic ad






FACEBOOK APOLOGIZES TO CATHOLICS  Testifying before a House committee, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company “made a mistake” when it declined an ad by Franciscan University featuring a crucifix that was considered “excessively violent.”   READ
POPE ADMITS ‘SERIOUS MISTAKES’  The Holy Father admitted to making “serious mistakes” in handling Chile’s massive sex abuse crisis. Pope Francis summoned Chile’s bishops to Rome to address the issue, and he invited victims to meet with him as well.   READ
SENATE TO SPEED UP CONFIRMATIONS  Democrats have used delaying tactics on just about every judicial and executive branch nominee before the Senate. This obstructionism sets up 30 hours of debate time — even for noncontroversial nominees. Several GOP senators indicated that the Senate is on the verge of a change in the rules reducing the debate time from 30 hours down to 8 per nomination.  READ
TENNESSEE DEFUNDS PP  Gov. Bill Haslam, R-TN, signed a bill that strips Planned Parenthood of all state funding.  READ
BET FOUNDER CHEERS TRUMP ECONOMY  The nation’s first black billionaire said that Trump’s economic plans are bringing black workers back in the labor force. Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, said: “When you look at African-American unemployment, … you’ve never had African-American unemployment this low and the spread between African-Americans and whites narrowing.” READ
TEACHERS VS PARENTS  Public school teachers in four states are conducting mass teachers strikes leaving hundreds of thousands of students and their families in the lurch. Education analyst Joy Pullman says it’s time to fire all striking teachers, and send their paychecks to the parents of the students. READ
MEDIA BIAS  Bias against conservatives works like any other prejudice. READ
QUEEN OF PRIMETIME   Roseanne’s rebooted sitcom is earning ratings gold.  READ
VOCATIONS BOOM  Wow: Nearly 1 in 10 young men on course for ordination in the United States was homeschooled. In 2013, Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore was quoted in the archdiocesan newspaper as saying: “There’s no greater feeder for the vocations than the home-schoolers.” Let’s hope that the Church would be do more to support Catholic homeschoolers.  READ
CATHOLIC SCANDAL  This is an outrage: Dominican University of California is adding Cecile Richards to their spring lecture series. Richards oversaw the deaths of 3.8 million unborn children while CEO of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  A long life is not necessary for holiness, as Saint Teresa of Los Andes proves. Not quite 20 years old when she died, she left a legacy rich in virtue—rich enough for her to be considered a saint. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “The Lord hears the cry of the poor.” (Ps 34:7)  READ

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