LOOP: Former First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92








BARBARA BUSH, RIP  President George H.W. Bush left “broken-hearted” by the loss of his wife, Barbara Bush. READ
73 YEARS OF MARRIAGE  Fox News has a nice look back at the 73-year marriage between Barbara and George H. W. Bush. WATCH
MORE JOB GROWTH  The Congressional Budget Office boosts U.S. job growth projections by 2.6 million — directly attributing 1.1 million additional jobs to the same tax reform law that every Democrat in Congress opposed. READ
TALKS WITH NORTH KOREA  CIA Director Mike Pompeo made a top-secret trip to North Korea over Easter and met with Kim Jong Un. READ
FACEBOOK AND CONSERVATIVES  Facebook asked conservative groups for help in hopes of preventing European-style privacy rules. The move came as their CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress about the company’s data scandal. READ
MOST CATHOLIC CITY IN USA  Boston and New York City used to be the cities with the highest concentration of Catholics. Today, it’s Lafayette, Louisiana.  READ
FUTURE  The future of the pro-life movement is in Africa. “Building up the pro-life movement in Africa is essential given how politically and economically influential Africa is likely to become over the next century. Obianuju Ekeocha is doing this admirably and effectively on a shoestring budget,” writes Stefano Gennarini.  READ
WHEN SPORTS GET POLITICAL   Hundreds of San Antonio Spurs fans have said that they won’t watch anymore of the team’s games because head coach Gregg Popovich called President Trump a “soulless coward.”  READ
PORN AND THE DEMONIC?   An annual exorcism course offered to priests in Rome will examine to what degree demonic influence may exist in pornography. Fr. Pedro Barrajan, LC, asked: “Does it come only from human causes – psychological, familial, social or cultural – or is there more?”  READ
A CONVERT DISCOVERED LATIN MASS  Here’s an interview with Matthew Arnold, who recently released a book called Confessions of a Traditional CatholicREAD
HE CLAIMS TO SUPPORT CHURCH TEACHING  James Martin, SJ vs James Martin, SJ — The well-known priest claims that he has “never challenged” Catholic teachings. But as Austin Ruse noted, “The real challenge to his claim that he does not question or want to change Church teaching is his voluminous public statements to the contrary.” READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Blessed James Oldo was a wealthy married man who shared the “good life” with his wife. Circumstances, however, changed his attitude and he began to see the futility of his lifestyle. He and his wife became Secular Franciscans and, upon her death, Blessed James became a priest. READ
DAILY MASS READINGS  “Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.” (Ps 66:1)  READ
BEAUTY  “Pope’s choir” to go on first-ever U.S. tour. LISTEN

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