LOOP: Former Starbucks CEO considers a run for president



2020   Former Starbucks CEO and billionaire Howard Schultz says he’s considering an independent run for president in 2020. Democratic Party leaders immediately denounced Schultz for fear he would split the anti-Trump vote. Former Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said Schultz “would provide Donald Trump with his best hope of getting reelected.”  READ
SEX ABUSE SUMMIT   Pope Francis lowers expectations for next month’s sex abuse summit. “Let me say that I’ve sensed somewhat inflated expectations,” he said. “We have to deflate the expectations to these three points, because the problem of abuse will continue. It’s a human problem.”  READ
STATE OF THE UNION SET  Speaker Pelosi has invited President Trump to deliver the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Feb. 5 — exactly one week after it was originally scheduled.  READ
OPINION SURVEY  If Congress does not approve funding for a border wall, should President Trump declare a national emergency and order the wall to be built?  Here’s how you voted:
CHANGING SENATE RULES   Sen. Todd Young, R-IN, suggested that the Republican-led Senate might soon change the amount of hours of debate on sub-Cabinet and district court nominees from 30 hours to 8. But Senate Rules Chairman Roy Blunt, R-MO, indicated that the rule change might occur closer to the end of March. Some Republicans are hoping to persuade Democrats that a permanent rule change will help Trump now, but will also help the next Democrat who is elected president. READ
SICK MIGRANTS AT THE BORDER   Border Patrol agents have spent nearly 20,000 hours since October driving asylum seekers to and from hospitals for medical evaluations.  READ
DENIED COMMUNION   A pro-abortion politician in Ireland was denied Holy Communion after he announced that he voted in favor of several measures that legalized abortion in Ireland.  READ
MARRIED PRIESTS?   Pope Francis said he is opposed to optional priestly celibacy in the Latin rite, but would consider married priests for very remote places if a serious need existed.  READ
SACRED MUSIC  Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland, OR, has written a pastoral letter about sacred music, which instructs parishes to purchase a pipe organ and to incorporate chant in the liturgy. Sacred music’s role is “to help us sing and pray the texts of the Mass itself, not just ornament it,” wrote Archbishop Sample.  READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  Servant of God Brother Juniper was a simple man who joined Saint Francis in the earliest days of the Order. While Saint Francis praised him and wished he had a “whole forest of such Junipers,” nevertheless, he could be exasperating for his generosity. Even saints can be frustrating.  READ
DAILY READINGS  “Here am I Lord; I come to do your will.” (Ps 40:8)  READ


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