LOOP: Fulton Sheen to be beatified

FULTON SHEEN Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to Archbishop Fulton Sheen, clearing the path to his beatification. READ
CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKES Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-CA, said that President Trump “committed” to helping California after two big earthquakes hit southern California. READ
DEPORTING ONE MILLION Over one million illegal immigrants have received court orders to leave the country and immigration officials will start sending them home this week, said Ken Cuccinelli on CBS’s Face the Nation. President Trump recently named Ken Cuccinelli as Acting United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Director in June.  READ
JEFFREY EPSTEIN ARRESTED Politically-connected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been charged with sex trafficking underage girls in New York and Florida. Epstein is friends with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  READ 
PRO-LIFE LAW BLOCKED A federal judge in Ohio has called a 6-week abortion ban an “insurmountable” barrier to abortion. “This Court concludes that [the ‘heartbeat law’]places an ‘undue burden’ on a woman’s right to choose a pre-viability abortion, and, under Casey, Plaintiffs are certain to succeed on the merits of their claim,” Judge Michael R. Barrett ruled July 3. READ 
JUDICIAL REFORM  President Trump has plans to name 150 federal judges by the end of this year – on pace to fill 30% of the bench. By the end of his term, President Trump could name as many as 250 judges. READ 
NEW BOOK ON KAVANAUGH A new book written about the confirmation battle over Justice Brett Kavanaugh details how the judge ignored the concerns of his friends from the Bush White House. “His Bush friends, by and large, told him … not to show too much emotion. But he received calls from a few senators encouraging him to show his righteous indignation,” wrote Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino in their new book “Justice on Trial,” which releases tomorrow.  READ 
2020  Tom Steyer has changed his mind, and told his allies that he’s running for president after all. The liberal billionaire has spent millions of his own money to mobilize Americans to sign petitions in support of impeaching President Trump. He considers climate change the most important political issue.  READ 
THE ECONOMY“The unemployment rate, 3.7%, is the lowest it has been in half a century. June’s employment report — 224,000 new jobs — brought another strong performance. The economy is growing at a slightly better than 3% annual rate,” writes Washington Examiner Byron York. “The president’s Democratic 2020 challengers face a daunting problem: Unless there is a serious economic downturn, the answer to the are-you-better-off question will work in the president’s favor, not his opponent’s.”  READ 
MEDIA BIAS President Donald Trump’s speech on July 4 celebrated the military and our nation’s independence. But before the event, the TV pundits were absolutely convinced that President Trump was going to be make it a highly-partisan campaign rally. READ 
CENSUS President Trump said he’s considering an executive order to reinstate the citizenship question for the the 2020 census. READ 
PUTIN AND THE POPE Russian leader Vladimir Putin met with Pope Francis amid signs that relations between the Vatican and Russia have improved significantly.  READ 
SAINT OF THE DAY  The 120 martyred in China, including Saint Gregory Grassi and Companions, were the victims of political maneuverings by other countries which sparked the anti-foreigner movement in China. These Franciscan men and women, along with lay men and women, gave their lives in service of the Chinese people. Caught up in the Boxer Uprising, they were martyred on various dates in 1900.  READ 
DAILY READINGS  “In you, my God, I place my trust.” (Ps 91:1)  READ 
CVTV   Big tech companies plan to rig the 2020 election. Can they be stopped?  SHARE 

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