LOOP: House GOP balks at Trump’s tariffs



GOP MEMBERS: RECONSIDER TARIFFS  107 House Republicans signed a letter to Trump on his proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. “We support your resolve to address distortions caused by China’s unfair practices, and we are committed to acting with you and our trading partners on meaningful and effective action,” the lawmakers wrote to Trump. “But we urge you to reconsider the idea of broad tariffs to avoid unintended negative consequences to the U.S. economy and its workers.” House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady of Texas lead the effort. http://cvote.it/2tqkk5F

CHRISTIAN BUSINESS SHUT DOWN  A bridal company in Pennsylvania would refer same-sex couples to other bridal stores. But lately, the store owner has endured an avalanche of nasty attacks via Facebook for her religious view of marriage. http://cvote.it/2tq7tAn

PROTECT YOUR KIDS  A mom warns that porn isn’t even the worst thing on the Musical.ly app. Warning: This article provides details of the nasty things done on this app, which is targeted to young children. Proceed with caution. Also, don’t let your children download the app. http://cvote.it/2tm08Sg    

RE-DIRECTING FAMILY PLANNING AID  An abstinence advocate now gets the final say on how $286 million of family planning money will be spent. Pro-abortion groups are calling it “dangerous.” http://cvote.it/2tssoCQ 

EUTHANASIA IN HAWAII  Terrible news: The Hawaii House approved a bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide. If the measure becomes law, Hawaii would become the sixth state to allow the grisly practice. http://cvote.it/2tlNSRK   

FAMILY LIFE  Only half of U.S. children are being raised by their married parents. A new report on the trend stated: “As shown in numerous analytic studies, students with stably-married parents are more likely to do well in school and less likely to cut classes, repeat grades, be suspended or expelled, or drop out.” http://cvote.it/2tugrfQ

TWO NEW SAINTS  The Vatican confirms that Oscar Romero and Pope Paul VI will become saints in 2018. http://cvote.it/2tq7xAb

RELIGIOUS LIFE  Are religious sisters exploited by the Church, as some claim? Three sisters respond. http://cvote.it/2tugxUK

SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint John of God’s life story is proof of the possibility of conversion and change with the grace of our merciful God. The first part of his life was not very praiseworthy, but once he turned to God and asked for mercy, he became the saint that we know. http://cvote.it/dailysaint

DAILY MASS READINGS  “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts. ” (Ps 95:8) – http://cvote.it/Daily-Readings



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