LOOP: Kavanaugh accuser issues demands for testifying




KAVANAUGH ACCUSER LISTS DEMANDS  The legal team for Christine Ford has said that their client would be willing to testify next Thursday, but only if the Senate Judiciary Committee agrees to several demands, including allowing her to testify after Brett Kavanaugh. Another condition: only members of the committee — no lawyers can question her. (Earlier in the week, Sen. Mazie Hirono noted that there were no GOP women on the Judiciary Committee, so Republicans announced their intention to include female attorneys during the interview of Ford.)  READ
TRUMP ON KAVANAUGH   President Trump said that Christine Ford should be able to speak about her allegation, but that the Senate Judiciary Committee shouldn’t allow further delays. “Let her have her say and let’s see how it all works out. But I don’t think you can delay it any longer. They’ve delayed it a week already.”  READ
DEM: WE’LL INVESTIGATE KAVANAUGH   Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI, said that if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and Democrats retake the Senate, they’ll launch an investigation into the allegations against the judge. “If they were to ram this guy through, as soon as Democrats get gavels, we’re going to want to get to the bottom of this,” said Sen. Whitehouse. READ
IRELAND’S PRO-LIFE PLANK REPEALED  The removal of the pro-life Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution became official this week as President Michael Higgins signed the country’s 36th Amendment into law.  READ
POPE BENEDICT XVI ON HIS RESIGNATION   A German newspaper published two letters from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in which he acknowledges that he is aware of the pain his resignation caused.  READ
YOUTH SYNOD   The upcoming Church synod on the youth should explore in-depth Catholicism, and not involve LGBT lobbying, said author Daniel Mattson. “I think the Church needs to do a much better job in reaching out to those who identify as LGBT. As one who used to see myself as a gay man, I’ve come to realize how empty the promises of the LGBT movement are.” READ
NYC BISHOP APPOINTS A JUDGE   Cardinal Dolan of New York appointed Judge Barbara Jones to undertake “an exhaustive study of our policies, procedures, and protocols on how we deal with any accusation that comes to us about an alleged abuse of a young person by a priest, deacon, or a bishop.” READ
SAINT QUOTE   “To be a servant of Christ is to be truly free.” -Saint Agatha
SAINT OF THE DAY  Saint Matthew was a Jew who worked for the Romans as a tax collector. His fellow Jews considered him a traitor, and resented him. The Pharisees viewed him, and all tax collectors, as a sinner. So it was a real shock to hear that Jesus called such a man to be one of his followers. But that’s the kind of thing that Jesus did.  READ
DAILY READINGS  “Their message goes out through all the earth.” (Ps 19:5)  READ
JOHN WAYNE AND VIRGIN MARY  Photograph of John Wayne and son, Patrick, in Cong, Ireland, in 1951 during filming of ‘The Quiet Man.’”

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